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Podcast 173 – How The Wealthy/Poor Mindset Is Causing You Harm Podcast 172 – Making Money and Investing | Your Money Matrix Podcast 171 – Why You Need To Grow Your Own Business And Not Push Someone Elses
Podcast 170 – How I Ended Up On A L.A. Radio Show And Which numbers To Track In Your Marketing  Podcast 169 – How A Bit Of A.C.D.C. Can Help Your Business Podcast 168 – Getting Started with Rent to Rent
Podcast 167 Why Your Website Probably Sucks (And Here’s What You Can Do About It) Podcast 166 The One Thing You Can Conrol In Life Podcast 165 Why You Need A.B.P. (Always Be Pitching) In Your Business
Podcast 164 My Fasting Protocol Podcast 163 How To Market And automate the Process Podcast 162 How To Integrate Youtube Into Your Marketing
Podcast 161 If You Have A Business Revenue of £100k Per Year Then You Need This Training Podcast 160 How To Set Gustatory Anchors For Peak Performance Podcast 159 3 Questions That Can Grow You Business Today
Podcast 158 The Four Asset Classes Podcast 157 Sales Funnels and Videos Podcast 156 Why You Should Be Planning Your Week Ahead
Podcast 155 3 Questions That Can Grow Your Business Podcast 154 What Buffett Really Thinks About Bitcoin AND WHY Podcast 153 What Happens During My 2 Day Strategy and Implementation 
Podcast 152 Why We Stopped Taking Tenant Deposits and Why We Don’t Rent To Those Under 25 Without a Guarantor Podcast 151 How To Protect Your Website and Data Podcast 150 Business Coaching and Sales Funnels
Podcast 149 Building Trust and Credibility Podcast 148 My 7 Week Fat Loss Journey So Far Podcast 147 Why Robert Allen’s ‘Never Sell’ Theory is Flawed
Podcast 146 Why Education Will Tansform Your Journey and My Take on the Windrush Scandal Podcast 145 Upcoming Training On Property Flips and Refurbs Podcast 144 Billionaire Bootcamp – What I Learned
Podcast 143 Winning Is A Habit Podcast 142 Aim To Get The ‘Habit’ In Place, Then The Results Will Come Podcast 141 Do NOT Go “All In”
Podcast 140 The Problem Isn’t Dying at 65, It’s Living Until You’re 100 Podcast 139 6 Strategies That Can Increase Your Wealth Podcast 138 A Reason Why People Fail
Podcast 137 – What Went Wrong With Toys R Us Podcast 136 – Imposter Syndrome And How To Beat It Podcast 135 – The Future Of Content
Podcast 134 – Why The Oxfam ‘Wealth’ Campaign Is Completely Inaccurate Podcast 133 – Is Your Business A Dinosaur Podcast 132 – Bitcoin – Here’s What Really Happened With The Tulip Bubble
 Podcast 131 – How To Get Started When You Have No Money  Podcast 130 – How To Get Started With Bitcoin Podcast 128 – 5 Step Process For When You Really Cant Be Bothered Doing Anything 
Podcast 127 – Taking Your Eye Off The Ball Podcast 126 – What Robert Kiyosaki Really Said About MLM And Network Marketing Podcast 125 – Perfection Is Overrated – Getting Started Is The Goal
Podcast 124 – Why Being Poor Is A Choice Podcast 123 – Content Creation For Busy People Podcast 122 – How To Get Your Finances Back On Track
Podcast 121 – The 5 Things That The Rich Do That The Poor Do Not Podcast 120 – JP Morgan Vs Bitcoin Podcast 119 – But What If I Fail?
 Podcast 118 – Financial Freedom Doesnt Start With A Ferrari  Podcast 117 – Property Sourcing And Compliance – Staying Legal Podcast 116 – How I Ended Up On A 5 Million Euro Yacht Last Week 
 Podcast 115 – How To Start A Lettings Agency  Podcast 114 – Watch Out For Bright & Shiny Investments Podcast 113 – How would £250k a month feel?
Podcast 112 – Your habits are what keep you stuck – Change them Podcast 111 – Why Not Being Bothered Will Shorten Your Lifespan Podcast 110 – Why Profit is More Important Than Turnover
Podcast 109 – Your Reality Is What You Decide Upon & Make It To Be Podcast 108 – Where’s Your Plan ? Podcast 107 – How To Turn Negative Emotions Into Positive Results
Podcast 106 – How To Find And Then Step Into Your Power Podcast 105 – Build Your Cocoon Bubble Of Wealth Podcast 104 – How To Make Your Website Work Better For Your Business – Facebook LIVE Replay
 Podcast 103 – Content Creation Strategies – Facebook LIVE Replay  Podcast 102 – WEBSITE GROWTH – How Are You Tracking Your Numbers Podcast 101 – Dealing With Downtime – Facebook LIVE Replay
podcast-100-thankyou podcast-99 marketing-on-a-budget
Podcast 100 – Thank You For Helping Us Reach Podcast 100!  Podcast 99 – How To Track Your Marketing – Facebook LIVE Replay  Podcast 98 – Marketing On A Budget – Facebook LIVE Replay
how-to-get-rich-using-pre-tax-pound-investing  Broke Businessman podcast-95-real-versus-perceived-problems
 Podcast 97 – How To Get Rich Using Pre-Tax Pound Investing  Podcast 96 – Why I work 75% Of My Time For Free Podcast 95 – ‘Real’ Versus ‘Perceived’ Problems
podcast-94-how-to-get-paid-what-youre-worth podcast-93-email-marketing-the-only-numbers-that-matter podcast_92_-_what_if_your_beliefs_were_actually_wrong
 Podcast 94 – How To Get Paid What You’re Worth  Podcast 93 – Email Marketing & The Only Numbers That Matter Podcast 92 – What If Your Beliefs Were Wrong?
 podcast-90-7-steps-to-making-next-year-your-best-year-yet podcast_89_-_focus_on_the_journey_and_not_the_result
 Podcast 91 – Which Character Are You Playing In Your Own Heroes Journey  Podcast 90 – 7 Steps To Making Next Year Your Best Year Yet Podcast 89 – Focus On The Journey, And Not The Result
podcast-88-in_just_12_months_-_what_could_you_achieve  podcast-87 podcast-85-why_serviced_apartments_is_a_short_term_business_model
 Podcast 88 – New Business & Property Coaching Packages for 2017 Podcast 87 – If Social Media Is Here To Stay Then Why The Heck Arent You Using It Properly Podcast 85 – Why Serviced Apartments Is A Short Term Business Model
podcast_84_-_the_1_reason_people_fail-_p-s-_its_not_money_strategy_or_education podcast-83-winston-churchill podcast-82-worrying-about-stuff-that-may-never-happen
Podcast 84 – The #1 reason people fail. P.S. It’s not money, strategy or education!  Podcast 83 – Whatever Is Going On In The World Has Nothing To Do With Me Podcast 82 – Worrying About Stuff That May Never Happen
podcast-81-property-sourcing-why-this-could-be-your-first-step-into-property  podcast-80-election-special podcast-79-heres-how-to-get-started-in-property-in-2016
 Podcast 81 – Property Sourcing – Why This Could Be Your First Step Into Property Podcast 80 – Election Special  Podcast 79 – Here’s how to invest in property in 2016
podcast_78_-_smell_your_way_to_success podcast-77-rent-increase-are-you-ready podcast-76-how-not-to-be-a-chump-at-property-networking-events
Podcast 78 – Smell Your Way To Success Podcast 77 – Savills predict rents to rise 20%. Here’s why they’re wrong   Podcast 76 – How Not To Be A Chump At Property Networking Events 
podcast-75-how-to-get-out-of-a-rut podcast_74_-_when_you_increase_the_amount_of_order_your_amount_of_success_increases podcast-73-stop-focussing-on-whats-not-working-and-how-to-ask-yourself-better-questions
Podcast 75 – How To Get Out Of A Rut  Podcast 74 – When You Increase The Amount of ORDER, Your Amount of Success Increases Podcast 73 – Stop Focusing On What’s Not Working And Start Asking Yourself Better Questions 
podcast_72_-_why_your_support_network_is_vital_to_your_success podcast_71_-_jason_strachan_interviews_daniel_latto_for_his_one_thing_to_do_everyday_to_be_successful podcast-70-changes-to-section-21-possession-procedures
 Podcast 72 – Why Your Support Network Is Vital To Your Success Podcast 71 – Jason Strachan Interviews Daniel Latto for his ‘One Thing To Do Everyday To Be Successful’  Podcast 70 Changes To Section 21 Possession Procedures 
become-a-celebrity-podcast-69-in-your-niche podcast-68-property-investing-boiler-alert-and-your-new-legal-requirements podcast-67-how-to-build-a-sales-funnel-for-your-business
 Podcast 69 – How (And Why) You Should Become A Celebrity In Your Niche Podcast 68 – Property Investing – Boiler Alert and your NEW Legal Requirements  

Podcast 67 – How To Build A Sales Funnel For Your Business 

14508500_10153894044971161_2027586299_n podcast-64-success-is-about-hustle-but-only-if-youre-working-on-the-right-things

Podcast 66 – Is Networking A Waste Of Time

Podcast 65 – What Are You Prepared To Give Up? Podcast 64 – Success Is About Hustle But Only If You Are Working On The Right Things



Podcast 63 – The Cost of Having Average Thoughts And Taking Average Action

Podcast 62 – How To Increase Your Conversions From 2% to 26% From Cold Traffic

Podcast 61 – Marketing For Coaches & Other Businesses

Podcast 60 – Radio Works interview – Why Property Works So Well

Podcast 59 – Mindset & Hustle Show – Success is about what you Sow

Podcast 58 – Mindset – Are You Living In Effect Or At Cause

Podcast 57 – Property Sourcing Interview with David France

 Podcast 56 – What Other Peoples Opinions Are Worth?

Podcast 55 – Planning Spreadsheets & working with me

Podcast 54 – Brexit Special, What to do now?

Podcast 53 – How To Earn Between £3,000 and £12,000 Every Single Month

Podcast 52 – Do I need a Website, A Facebook page or a Squeeze Page




Podcast 51 – Talking With Radio Works World About Getting Started in Property And Overcoming Fears And Obstacles

Podcast 50 – Growing Your Business From Being Just A SoloPreneur

Podcast 49 – How To Be Amazing




Podcast 48 – How To Be Better At Networking

Podcast 47 – How To Dominate Your Market With Marketing Assets

Podcast 46 –  The 5 Mistakes Property Investors Make And How To Avoid Them


podcast-44-how-to-get-start-in-property-investing podcast-43-13-super-effective-ways-to-stay-motivated-during-a-slump-image

Podcast 45 – Self belief & Muhammad Ali

Podcast 44  – How to get started in Property Investing Podcast 43 – 13 Super Effective Ways To Stay Motivated During A Slump
podcast-42-show-with-linda-wright-copy podcast-41


Podcast 42 – Linda Wright from PLANiTWright Talks About Making Money Via Planning Including Office To Residential, HMO’s And Land development Podcast 41 – Interview with Mark Evans from West Palm Beach, Florida And Dealing With Up To 100 Property Deals A Month

Podcast 40 – Thinking Of Franchising Your Business or Buying A Franchise – What You Need To Know with Nick Williams

14398025_10153877839431161_1389867496_n podcast-38 podcast-37
Podcast 39 – How to get 2 days out of 1, Mindset Hacks On To Feel Younger And Dealing With Fears Of Creating Content Podcast 38 – Why Every Business Should Have A Podcast Podcast 37 – How To Be A Property Sourcer – The Property Cashflow Show
 podcast-36-adapt-to-surivive-image podcast-35-the-7-steps-you-must-make-before-investing-in-social-media-advertising-copy podcast-34-spirit-pig-with-daniel-latto
Podcast 36 – Adapt To Survive (What Worked Yesterday Won’t Work Today) Podcast 35 – The 7 Steps You Must Make Before Investing In Social Media Advertising Podcast 34 – Interview with Daniel Latto on NLP, Modelling Success and Making Better Choices
 podcast-33-chris-rowell podcast-32 podcast-31
Podcast33 – The Mistakes That People Make In Internet Marketing with Chris Rowell  Podcast 32 – Facebook, Trolls and Forums Podcast 31 – Do You Own A Poverty Based Business Or A Profitable Business
podcast-30the-power-of-90-days-goals-image podcast-29 podcast-28
Podcast 30 – The Power Of 90 Day Goals Podcast 29 – Are You Committed To Failure And How You Can Tell  Podcast 28 –  Getting Stuff Done When You Don’t Feel Like It And The Negative Impact Of Social Media


podcast-26 podcast-25
Podcast 27 – Stepping Up To A Higher Standard Podcast 26 – How To Make Money Through Property Refurbishment with Mike Woods Podcast 25 – How to conduct Due Diligence before purchasing a property
podcast-24 podcast-23 podcast-22-how-i-made-money-with-youtube-video
Podcast 24 – The effect the Bank Of England and the Chancellor on Buy to Let Properties  Podcast 23 –  Everything You Wanted To Know About Boilers (but didn’t know who to ask!) Podcast 22 – How I Made £5,000 From One YouTube Video
podcast-21 podcast-20 podcast-19
Podcast 21 – I Talk With HMO Expert Matthew Moody About His Motivations In Property And Where the Market Is Heading Podcast 20 – Where are you on the Crazy / Normal Scale Podcast 19 – 5 Mistakes that many investors make and how to avoid them
podcast-18 podcast-17 podcast-16
Podcast 18 – Why Most People Fail At Generating Wealth Podcast 17 –  Weight Loss & Amazing Health for Busy People  Podcast 16 – What Happens When You Lose Your Focus And How To Get It Back 
podcast-15-mark-donnan-discussing-marketing-pyschology-to-attract-more-business podcast-14 podcast-13-daniel-latto-barry-davies-copy
Podcast 15 – Mark Donnan Discussing Marketing Psychology To Attract More Business Podcast 14  – Getting what you want through the power of Focus and short term goal setting Podcast 13 – Interview with Barry Davies on the eve of his book “Retire on Just One Property Deal” Through Multilet Properties
 podcast-12-daniel-latto-atuksha-poonwasie-copy podcast-11 podcast-10-daniel-bradbury-copy
Podcast 12 – Part 1 – Atuksha Poonwassie. Crowdfunding, Property Investing & CRM Podcast 11 – Arsh Ellahi talks about Boom, Bust and Back Again with Property Podcast 10 – Dan Bradbury Talks About Shortcutting the Path To Success, Buying Businesses and Overcoming Adversity 
podcast-9 podcast-8-johnnie-cass-podcast-image podcast-7-francis-dolley-podcast-image
Podcast 9 – Jim Halliburton, The HMO Daddy and how he bought 50 houses in 50 weeks !  Podcast 8 – Is this Johnnie Cass’s most revealing interview ever? (NLP, Mindset, Overcoming Obstacles) Podcast 7 – Interview with Rent to Rent Multilet specialist Francis Dolley
podcast-6vicki-wusche-podcast-image podcast-5 podcast-4
Podcast 6 – Interview with Property Millionaire Vicki Wusche – The Property Mermaid Podcast 5 – Why You Should Be Using Social Media Marketing In Your Business Right Now Episode 4 – Interview with Property Investor Barry Davies on Property Investing, Motivation and Persistence
 podcast-3 podcast-2 podcast-1-canva-image
 Episode 3 – How to Create A Leaflet Distribution Company To Grow Your Business Episode 2 – What Are Property Lease Options And How Can They Help? Episode 1 – Introduction to the podcast & How To Achieve Financial Freedom in 5 Years or less 

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