Wealth Creation : What Stage Are You At?

STAGE 1 - You're just starting out, & need more cash

If you're at this tage - you need to generate CASH via a business (NOT MLM!) - Speak to me to see what business suits you and see how we can help you get it planned, get it started,and making money as quickly as possible. We'll start you off with a FREE DEBT DETOX video series, which will allow you to take control of your finances and take back some of the control of your money.

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STAGE 2 -You have a business, but want to grow it and work less

If you're here - then you have a business but it's either not making enough money OR it's taking a lot of time (OR BOTH!).  You're likely doing most things within the business including the cleaning, a little marketing, all the sales and you're looking for a way to improve your work life balance. We start you off with a FREE BUSINESS AUDIT.

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STAGE 3 - You have cash and are ready to invest in monthly cashflowing assets

If you're here - then you have a successful business that generates enough cash, but you may need help with getting your time freedom back, or actually you're feeling disillusioned with it all - you've perhaps created your own little prison cell that you call a business.  You want to invest in other things, but not sure which, or how to invest in the right things.  You're looking at increasing your monthly cashflow whilst working much, much less.

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Take the 60 day challenge, and transform your life, your routine and your results in just 60 days

What If You Could Double Your business In The Next 12 Months, whilst increasing the amount of time off, and have your staff increase  their ability to deliver for your clients?

The 60 day challenge is to see how quickly your life can change in just 60 days from now.

- Better Health
- Better Wealth
- Increased Goals
- Increased Focus
- Increased Activity

A total life turnaround, In just 60 days.

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My Podcast has been rated #1 on iTunes and was featured in the New & Noteworthy section.

No mean feat as I'm sure you'll agree.

I cover everything from Property Investing through to Business Growth, coaching, mindset and so much more.

Includes Expert Interviews.

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MARKETING | Is Your business not quite as you imagined it would be right now and actually you're not doing what you thought you would be doing right now?

What If You Could Double Your business In The Next 12 Months, whilst increasing the amount of time off, and have your staff increase  their ability to deliver for your clients?

Daniel is a breathe of fresh air.  An Action Taker who can implement quick and a wealth of knowledge about growing businesses, marketing and investing.

Chris Howard

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Over the last 10 years, I've spoken with hundreds of Business clients and had amazing results. Is it your turn next?


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I've helped lots of businesses streamline their business and take the owner out of the day to day work. I can do it for you if you follow my system too.

Dan has lots of knowledge & experience in property over his 20 year investing career, and he's in my speed dial when I need to talk 'property'.

Dan Bradbury

About Daniel Latto

My entrepreneurial journey started in college when I started selling floppy disks to other students and small businesses.  I did most of my work on the phone as I looked very young and even did fax shots with a price list. How times have changed.

I entered work but I always hated my job, so I made sure any job I did get would pay well and went from £15,000 a year to £100,00 a year over a 4 year period.  During that time I started investing in property, and have bought and sold over 100 units, along keeping a large property portfolio based in the UK.

I also started and and then grew my lettings agency which was sold in 2011. After selling that business, I started coaching both property and business to show others how to do what I did and in 2013, I moved to Spain with my wife. I live 100 metres from the Mediterranean Sea and love the lifestyle that Spain provides, along with all that sunshine of course.

Today I'm a New & Noteworthy iTunes Podcaster, YouTube Video Creator and help provide entrepeneurs with the skills they need to accomplish their personal and professional goals.

I have an extensive network of contacts who can help you get what you want, anything from business and property coaching, becoming an author to marketing design and implementation.

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