F​​​​acebook Ads retargeting

3 Great reasons why you should be advertising 

to those who have ALREADY been on your website

1. You Can Reach your Target Audience When They Are Available

Users usually consume Facebook during their downtime.

Unlike LinkedIn, which focuses on more business related networking, Facebook was designed as a more laid back platform.

This means that people are open to reading and watching your written and video content.

People scroll on an evening before bed for example, giving you time to market to them when they're ready to take in the information.

2. Your Brand Looks More Substantial

When you seem to be 'everywhere', your brand looks far more substantial than your business actually is.

The more people see your brand, the more trust is created, more trust equals more sales as you begin to look like a regular player in the market, not a fly by night company to be seen only once.

Being 'Omnipresent' will help your business build trust, drive traffic and ultimately help you make more sales.

3. They've already been to your website!

We know that most people (85%) leave your website in 7 seconds

We also know that most (85%) never come back.

And we also know that most sales are made after the 7th, 8th and 9th contact.

So it makes perfect sense to be in front of your potential customers as much as possible, and even more so for those that have already visited your website.



Those who have already visited your website are ripe to be retargeted with adverts designed to help you close business


Advertising when your audience is watching, reading or listening.  Sounds obvious, but Facebook ads only charge when they visit your website.


Providing a reason for people to do business with you is what it's all about with Facebook Retargeting.

Ready To Sign Up?

There's no avoiding the fact that setting this up is time consuming, complicated and awkward.

Even more so if you have never done it before.

Let me save you the time and set you up for a one off cost of £95 and you'll end up with a Facebook Ad targeting everyone who has been on your website in just a few days.

*Please Note : Ad Spend is on top, the £95 covers our time, expertise and know how in setting it up for you.

Sign Up With A One Off Payment of £95

This is what's included in the price

  • An On-boarding phone call. This is where we discuss your target audience, and the type of ad you want to run
  • We'll install and manage the Facebook Pixel for you (the little bit of code that makes all of this happen)
  • We'll then write your Ad Copy for you (unless you already have this)
  • We'll also create an Image for the advert
  • We'll also create a short video ad 
  • We'll then put all of this together for you and create the advert on Facebook, so that whenever a visitor comes to your website, they will be served the advert.

Here's The Benefits Of using Facebook To Target Website Visitors


Your Customers Are All On Facebook

Just like you, your potential customers are on Facebook already.  It makes sense to send them an advert to remind them about you.


Better Value Than Traditional Advertising

With traditional advertising, you have no idea who is looking at your advert, whether they're interested or not, or even if they've seen it.  With Facebook Ads, we know you're targeting people who are interested as they've already been on your website.


Massive Mobile Audience

Your advert LITERALLY follows your ideal targeted prospect wherever they go, be it desktop, tablet or mobile.

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