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Grow Your Following with a Social Media Detox – Ultra Spiritual Life Ep. 163
Haha this is hilarious. Love this guy...
I got ripped off by a handyman last week.
Yup, I got ripped off by a handyman last week. New guy. When I started checking up on his work[...]
Have You Signed Up For The Property Sourcing Compliance Training Day?
Property Sourcers... Or those wanting to start generating an extra income from Property Sourcing - this is for you. Many[...]
Podcast 239 – How To Use ‘Hope’ As A Mental health Hack
"Remember, Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies" - The[...]
Podcast 240 – How To Get Perfect Content Distribution For Your Product Or Service
We know that creating content is the best way to get your message out and drive traffic to your website.[...]
Podcast 238 – The 8 Types Of Income Streams
We hear it all the time that "Millionaires" have multiple streams of income. So what are the types of income[...]
Podcast 237 – How To Stop Being So Upset When Tenants Don’t Pay
It's a guarantee if that if you're a landlord with any size portfolio, that you're going to run into a[...]
Podcast 235 – How What We Do Affects Others Down The Chain
What we do in our present, will affect how we live our future, and the future of others.
Podcast 236 – Cold Traffic Doesn’t Buy
That means you need to warm them up. That also means that your marketing probably isn't working. Take a listen[...]
Podcast 234 – Why You Need To Be Putting Out A Tonne Of Conten
Content - you know you should be putting more out there, but why aren't you ? Perhaps once you've heard[...]
Podcast 233 – Average Property Yields Around The Country
I was working out my own yield on my property portfolio and I wondered how it compared with the average[...]
Podcast 232 – How I Grew My Multi Million Pound Property Portfolio From Zero And Achieved Financial Freedom
When I look back at how I grew my multi-million pound property portfolio and think about all the HUGE amount[...]
Podcast 231 – Commit Or Fail, It’s Your Choice
The decisions you made 10 years ago (yes, even the minor ones) are responsible for where you are today.
Podcast 230 – Why Most People’s Marketing Simply Fails
If you're in business, you'll know how important it is to get your message out there. The problem is, most[...]
Podcast 228 – Why Your Habits Will Determine Your Success
If there was ever one 'indicator' as to your level of success over the next 5 to 10 years, it[...]
Podcast 227 – Why Isn’t Your Picture On Your Business Card
So you go to a networking event and you come home and start running through the business cards.

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