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Why Spend A Fortune On A Website When It's Content That Rules The Day & Drives Traffic?

Whilst we agree your website needs to look 'pretty' and of course be functional, the whole point of a website in this modern age is to create content that drives people to read, watch or listen to it.

We use content to drive people from Social Media Sites to specific pages in your site that will give them the most value.

So when we create a website, we make it look 'pretty' and 'functional', whilst at the same time allowing you to drive people OFF social media and back onto your website where they can be presented with either and OFFER or and OPT IN.

Look At What We Include !

Web Site Design Leeds

up to 8 Page Website

Within these 8 pages, you'll have a homepage, an About Us Page, a products/Services Page, and we'll even write out some content for your blog to get you started with.

Lead Generation Pages

It's vital your website has a method of allowing people to 'opt in' with an email address so you can send them emails later

Welcome Email

And we'll even create your initial 'Welcome Email' for you to send to your new found contacts!


You will need to purchase hosting for your website to sit on. BUT BEFORE YOU DO, speak to us first so we can recommend the one we use. This will speed up your website creation.

Some of our design work

The Markland Method


The Markland Method provides training for Physios

Great design, super fast turnaround, exactly what I was looking for

The Markland Clinic


The Markland Clinic is a Physiotherapist Centre


A 'Godsend', and you can quote me on that!

“Thanks Dan for both creating the website and for updating it and creating new landing pages just when we needed them - Awesome work"

Rachel Jenkins

Built the website, landing pages and connected Paypal, thanks!

“Daniel helped me build my website so I could take orders online and set up my automated emails for me to my buyers. Highly Recommended."

Jo Fox - Invest Leeds

Built the Website, Membership Area And Property Advert Manager 

“I can't recommend Dan enough for his website - I got everything I wanted in a good clean sold website for a great price - thanks Dan!"


We developed this under our old brand name, Digital Brand Agency

Nathan McGarry 

Great design, super fast turnaround, exactly what I was looking for

Jonah Ulebor

Lextra Learning Leeds

Education company to help children

Get Property Compliant provide compliance solutions for property sourcers.

Live Band Entertainment

Reliable Property Buyers

Putting Investors in contact with Deal Packagers

Nathan McGarry

This was the 2nd website for Nathan.

Nathan helps offshore workers find the job they'll love!

JLAW Group

The JLAW GROUP buy Construction  / buildingbusinesses in London

Entrepreneur Breed

Helping people to invest in property

Website Design Leeds

Ambro Wilks

Ambro WIlks are Builders in Enfield

Website Design leeds

The Think Tank Group

The Think Tank Group - Website Design Leeds

Not Just A Website, But Look What Else You Get!


Web Site Designers Leeds

Copy included !

Our UK Team of copywriters will also write some copy for your website.  The more content you have on your site, the more Google loves you, so we'll write some for you !


Free Welcome Emails

Not only will we connect your website to Email Software that automates your emails, we'll write your first Welcome Email for you !

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  • 8 Page Website
  •  for collecting Landing Pages included for collecting opt ins
  • Free Welcome Emails Included

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The Daniel Latto Group Ltd has been helping businesses for the past 20 years, either through coaching, or helping with their Digital Marketing.

Daniel is the producer of his #1 iTunes Rated podcast show "The wealth creation podcast".

He has a passion for helping people and simplifying things for them.

We hope we can help you achieve your website goals too !

Orginally from Leeds, Daniel now lives in the Med, and manages his business from there.

Web Site Designers Leeds

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