Yay, Finally got to Module 12 of my latest course with videos both created and uploaded.

The countdown is on for the completion of the course, with just a few more modules to create before I make the sales page LIVE.

Whilst I’m looking forward to that, at the same time I’m making sure the videos are good enough to make a real impact in peoples lives, to get the change that they truly want (in this case, and easy way to create their own training courses and make regular income from them)

There’s a fine balance in video length being long enough to get the message and the learning across, versus adding ‘filler’ because you want the video to be longer !

I think in the days of very short attention spans, the idea of having to sit through a 2 hour webinar, or a 2 hour training programme horiffies people (although that may just be me – I can’t even get through a Netflix session without checking my phone 18,000 times)

So it’s been a busy day today with all that filming, plus I did one of my non negotiables this morning (play basketball) for an hour and a half, hitting shots from all over the place in a frankly ridiculous manner, along with going LIVE in my Mastermind group.

Not only all of that, but I also managed to write out a bunch of content that’s coming for the Masterminders, who will get exclusive access to it, including some Life Enhancement training which will cover some great content, and for those that implement it, some really positive changes in their routines and outcomes.

There are always so many things going on in life it somethings feels hard to keep up with it all.

But it’s exciting. To feel that joy once again of knowing that I can just keep creating, and that people can implement it when it suits them is very empowering.

But I honestly don’t know how people manage to fit everything in when they work a full time job either.

I hope you’ve had an awesome weekend too, I’m just now planning out my goals for the next week before I settle in to watch ‘Picard’ on Amazon (new episode today!!)

Have a great weekend,


Daniel Latto

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