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November 21, 2016

Xercise4less Leeds – so I wrote to cancel my membership. Nothing came back. No confirmation, nothing.

So I cancelled my direct debit. So now they’ve added charges (but refuse to say what for) and also refuse to send statements and a copy of my signed contract.

In addition they state

“Please note Xercise 4 Less will only accept a cancellation requests if you membership is up to date and your Direct Debit has been reinstated, therefore you must contact them directly- to discuss if you have previously given notice to cancel your membership.”

So in other words – if I havent got a direct debit set up, and the account isn’t up to date – they can not accept a cancellation notice.

Looking at other reviews online – this is quite a common practice for this company.

Why anybody do this to their clients is beyond belief.

But there you go.

Needless to say, we’ll be sharing the shit out of this to my 15,000 Twitter followers, 3,500 Facebook Friends and my mailing list.

People need to know what they’re getting into when cancelling with this company – and I’m always happy to help educate people.

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