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August 29, 2022

Let’s face it, with all the news of the massive energy price rises, some small and medium sized businesses are really struggling and wondering how they’re going to continue.

Every day I read about a business going to the wall, about how their Gas and Electricity bill have gone from £10,000 a year to £60,000 a year.

And frankly they’re wondering how they’re going to pay it.

And I’m sure there are many more that thinking the same.

But as these businesses go under, it leaves a gap in the market place for someone elses business to sell to their customers that have been left without a supplier.

And the only way to get those potential new customers, is to market your business MORE than you already have been doing.

Let’s face it, £500 a month on marketing spend, compared with a £50,000 annual spend on energy use is not a large expenditure relatively.

How many customers do you need on a repeat basis to cover those costs?

And if you’re not doing it, then then chances are that your competitors are already thinking about it.

There’s always at least one competitor who is optimistic enough to give it a go, and they’re the ones that will reap the benefits long after 2022 is over.

Those business that are seen the most, that answer their potential customers enquiries the most, the ones with the highest visibility in the market place that can consistently shine through the noise of social media, are the ones that are going to come through this with a bigger market share than they had before.

Many businesses look to cut costs during these contractions, mine too as it happens, but there is other stuff we actually SPEND MORE MONEY ON – stuff like marketing as some of our own competitors cut back on their marketing spends and end up going under.

Someone has to take their customers … might as well be us.

And likewise in your industry, might as well be you.

It’s a bold move towards business growth, and if it pays off, it’s potentially life changing as you move past this year.

If it doesnt pay off, that £500 a month you’ve spent wouldn’t have made much of a difference anyway, but at least you gave it your best shot.

Expansion. Not contraction.

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