Why You Need To Be Interested In Social Media For Your Business


Whether you like social media or not, your customers are on it.  Every day they will be logging into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest plus many more.  When you turn the tv on it’s hashtag this and hashtag that.  Social media is everywhere and it is here to stay.  So if your business isn’t on social media and active on there, what are the chances of you being seen by the people you are wanting to reach?

You need to not only use social media but you should be using it to enhance your business.

Why Would You Use Social Media?

One of the first reasons that you would use social media for your business is to create a strong brand.  All of the big multinational companies are using social media to increase their brand awareness.

It allows your potential customers to get to know you and know who you are.  They want to know what you can do for them and also the types of things that you stand for.  Putting your digital footprint out into the world helps you to do that.

digital-footprintYou need to stay in people’s minds regularly which is why it is important to update regularly.  Sometimes you might slip out of someone’s eye line and a post from you on social media might just help to remind them that you are still around.

The second reason is that it helps you to find new prospects.  Social media is great for doing this.  This can be done both organically from your posts or from paid advertising.  I receive people to my podcast from both channels.

The next reason is that it helps you to build a relationship with your prospects.  Think about this, how many times have you come across a random website and then just bought something straight away without finding out who they are first?  You tend to look for reviews and and other information you can find to see if they are legitimate don’t you?

You tend to form an opinion first before you make a substantial purchase and this is where social media comes in.

Podcasts and email marketing are one way traffic that when done right can bring in prospects but social media allows a 2-way conversation to happen.  Taking part in this allows your prospects to get their questions answered much more directly and shortens the time frame that they need to build up that trust in you.

By the way, if you aren’t podcasting yet or seeing great results from your podcasts take a look at this.

Networking Via Social Media

Social media also gives you the opportunity to network with other people in your industry or the industry that you are targeting.  Connecting with other people in your industry gives you the opportunity to help each other, start support-network-blalncedmarketing to each other’s lists and create joint ventures.  You can create an ongoing relationship of help and support with people using social media that you may never have met before.

Social media also helps you to keep an eye on your competition.  I’m not a big fan of keeping an eye on my competition because I’m more interested in what I’m doing and what I need to be doing.  It can be useful though to help you spot some of the current trends that you may be missing out on.  You might also see what they are doing and own that for yourself by adding extra value.

The more you are available on social media putting out great content the more that you are perceived as ‘the expert’.  It’s kind of like a pyramid.  The majority of people are scrabbling around at the bottom and all doing the same low-level things.  The more content you have out there and the more you are seen as being the go-to-person in your field the higher up that pyramid you will climb.

Creating A Great Social Media Strategy

  • Have some clear goals in mind and keep working towards them every day by using a plan.
  • Build your personality online.  There are lots of people at the top of the pyramid that don’t have a personality and that is where you can fill the gap.
  • Position your business online by creating your online avatar so that people recognise who you are and what you do.
  • Increase your online awareness to your prospects.  Create messages that speak directly to your customers and remove the wishy-washy content.
  • Open your business borders by putting your business in front of people who wouldn’t normally see you.  This will also show you the improvements you can make to what you already have.
  • Encourage repeat business by building a community around your brand.  This will help people to engage with you and also to promote you without even being asked to.  You can also keep your ongoing relationships working for you as you engage your customers regularly.
  • Receive more referrals by creating a referral network on your social media campaigns.  You are looking to make your social media expenditure of time and money into an asset that pays you money.

What are your social media hang-ups?  Where and how would you like to improve?  If you would like some helps in improving your social media strategy click the Work With Me tab and let me know how I can help you with a 30 minute strategy call.

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