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December 4, 2022

So – why we didn’t run a Black Friday Sale?

I made a list … and you know how I love a good list…

1. Our clients aren’t chasing price as the main deciding factor.

I mean … it’s a factor of course .. but not the main one.

So us dropping website pricing for a few days even to say half price, doesn’t mean we sell anymore websites. In fact it has a negative effect. Imagine one person buying at full price, and the next day it’s at half price. I think that’s a pretty shitty thing to do these days, so we’re not doing that.

2. It devalues our product.

Lets take the website example – our websites are good, they’re WORTH paying full price for due to all the value and experience you get when you buy one. Why would we discount that value down to something like a ‘lowest price wins’ type of contest.

If you want cheap, there are plenty of “website designers” out there who can do it for a very low price. It’ll be shit of course .. but at least it’s cheap.

We didn’t want to do that.

Plus from a purely financial point of view, we still have our very qualified and experienced team members that need paying – aare we going to ask them to work for half price too ?

Of course not.

As it happens, we’ve just added an end of year pay rise for our wonderful team – they totally deserve it.

3. It cheapens the brand.

Why are we spending all this time and money on content, Facebook Ads and so on, then to simply drop our pants on price, when the quality of what we offer is very good ?

Doesn’t make sense.

If anything, we should be increasing our brand perception and value to the outside world, not decreasing it. And you don’t increase brand values by discounting.

Now – ONE CAVEAT here – we’re a SERVICE business, not a retial business.

It’s a completely different ball game.

We don’t have excess stocks to get rid of because we bought too much.

We’re not competing with everyone else.

In fact we have very few competitors, because if you want to get our experience, our systems and processes and so on working for your business … you can actually only get that from us.

Sure – you can get FB Ads from someone else, heck, they may even be cheaper … but what are you really getting when you do that… a one man band?

Nothing wrong with that of course. But our business has the ability to add so much MORE value .. whcih is what we were talking about above.

In addition, our business is highly consultative, which means there are some video calls that need to be had before decisions are made.

It’s not just a transaction for a ‘glow in the dark tea towel’ thats a quick decision.

So for all of those reasons above, that’s why we didn’t run a Black Friday sale, and hopefully gives you some food for through about whether you’re going to run one the next time around too.

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