Why I decided NOT to attend the National Achievers Congress this week

Why I decided NOT to attend the National Achievers Congress this week

So I was in Birmingham anyway, as I’d flown over for Comic Con (my first), I’d added one of my one day events for existing clients into the timings too, and then decided to extend my stay for the National Achievers Congress (NAC) because both Gary Vee and Grant Cardone were speaking.

So it was like an 8 day road trip, mixed in with some fun, some business, some value for clients etc along with the NAC at the end of it.

However, yesterday I flew home instead back to the shoreline of the Mediterranean coast.

I’ve seen both Grant and Gary before and listened to their podcasts – and they’re very good speakers of course.

But spending time back with my family was much more important this time around, despite the fact that I’d spent every day with them since my last road trip whenever that was back over summer maybe.

Perhaps as I’m getting older I’m ‘maturing’ into doing what ‘proper grown ups do’ (you know, responsible and all that)

I’m 47 and still feel like a 22 year old which I think is probably normal until the knees stiffen on a morning and I remember I’m older than I feel.

But I sense it’s more likely a realisation that their messages were no longer quite for me.

I may be wrong on this count of course and I’ll probably still listen to their message.

But my situation is different than most these days, but my mind still hasn’t quite come to terms with it, so I end up doing what everyone else is doing, which is HUSTLE 24/7.

Make yourself busy. Get WORK done.

Go to sleep that little but later and up that little bit earlier, add MORE onto your plate including unattainable results across far too many areas.

So I decided to stop.

To not do that.

And to come home instead.

I’m not reliant on my business to generate my income these days, in fact, my property income outweighs my business income significantly and will continue to do so as we follow up on our property sourcing deals and add more property into the mix.

So in other words, I don’t need to ‘Hustle’ and work 24/7.

But until now I hadn’t quite realised that yet.

That’s not to say the job is over.

There’s always a risk that one change in government policy can have a disasterous affect (even worse than Section 24).

It could be that national licensing of property comes in at £850 a property and it’s one massive hit all in one go – literally tens to hundreds of thousands of pounds having to be spent on a useless bit of paper because the councils need extra cash.

I realised as well that although I admire Grant and Gary, I no longer wish to be them (Perhaps I never did)

I just want to be me, but I also want to get clear on who ‘me’ actually is.

Comic Con showed me a side of people that were ready to freely express themselves as whoever they wanted to be, and whatever that happened to be was totally fine.

I’m not a “Grant Cardone” who has turned his addiction (on pretty much everything from sex to drugs to whatever else) into an addiction into business and cleverely managed to insert his whole lifestyle into it

– let’s face it there’s only one Grant Cardone and it’s great to aspire, but I think folks need to understand what’s under the bonnet to find what makes him tick and why he works the way he does.

I’m glad he’s there, I appreciate his position, I’m in Cardone University for example.

I’m also not Gary Vee (Although I do like to say the word ‘fuck’ a lot as if to highlight certain points).

But I disagree with the 24/7 HUSTLE PORN that he puts out there.

I think you can spend too much time working plus all the learning and being inspired instead of actually doing stuff that makes the biggest difference in your life.

So that’s what I decided to do – spend this week better organising myself to get the most out of life for me.

I’ve allocated time in my calendar to read more and work less.

I’ve allocated time to maintain the weight loss and increase fitness, but in what could be a balanced manner.

I hope everyone who goes to the National Achievers Congress get’s what they need out of it.

But I actually got more out of Comic Con than I suspect I would from the NAC.

And for some reason I’m really satisfied with that realisation.

Daniel Latto

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