Why everyone should own a Media Department within their business

The more you post content, the more people will eventually see your stuff.

The more people who see your stuff, the more interest you will get.

The more interest you get, the more leads you will get.

More leads means more sales

More sales equals more revenues

More revenue means paying down debt or investing in your business or yourself.

So it makes sense to post more valuable content.

There are 4 types of content you should be posting.

1. "I EXIST" content

this type takes the form of images or short 'pattern interruption' videos - they show that you have a presence, show what you can do and maybe have a call to action. But the important bit is that "I EXIST" - and they're posted regularly.


​this type of post can be video, or images (providing tips for example) or it can be long form copy like this.

In fact THIS is an example of a post that adds value (I'm explaining how to get noticed more on Social Media, something everyone generally wants if they're running a business).


from people you have done work for - these can take the form of images (like the one shown - an actual testimonial from an actual client).

These reinforce that we do actual work for people who really do exist (not those made up reviews that we all see from time to time on Facebook).

And they provide social proof that you know what you're talking about.


 this is what I call 'Pillar Content' - as it it's content that we can take more information out of, we can create smaller videos for example, or create a mini video series.

Sometimes we create a podcast out of it, or sometimes we get snippets to make into images.

I've even produced a document called "52 Topics To Live Stream About" - PM me if you want a copy (it's free)

The problem for most people however is this; how on Earth do you get to create ALL THIS CONTENT when you're running a business ?

- How do I create all those images, and make it look interesting?

- How do I create all those videos and have a topic to go LIVE about?

- How do I create all those video snippets - do I really have to go through all my own videos and watch them in the hope I can pull something out?

- How do I stay consistent because frankly, creating content is boring, time consuming but I don't trust anyone to do it for me?

And this is why I created my Digital Marketing Content Agency.

We know what works.

We have clients who

- paid for a years worth of content from just one deal they closed

- increasingly sold more books every month than the previous month for 6 months running

- sold out of their 1 day event (on two separate events!)

- Sold more books than Grant Cardone on Amazon for his book re-launch

- Have investors show their entire office the video we created for them and who then paid for her to fly to see them to do business.

And all of this?

Just £395 a month.

Here's the link www.daniellatto.co.uk/smma

You can keep posting once a week with no consistency and wonder how to make this social media thing work, or you can sign up with us and see just how easy it is.

Many people see marketing as a bolt on, something that should take up zero time, as though its getting in the way.

However, it's a vital add on to any business.

That's what social media is here for.

You want your own TV show - Go LIVE on Facebook.

You want your own Radio Show - Create your own podcast

You want your own newspaper - write content and post it one article at a time (like this one)

It's right there in front of you, you just have to dedicate the time to making it happen.

What about you - what are you going to create for your business?


Daniel Latto

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