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September 23, 2022

I’ve been podcasting on my own show for 7 years now – and I’ve stopped and started it loads, and always end up coming back to it when I’m ready to do so.

What interesting is that even after a few months of break, the viewing / listening figures are back up again.

It means that people can listen to on the train, while their running or sat on the tube.

And they don’t listen to every podcast I do, they pick and choose which ones are relevent to them.

Some people hate me after listening to my podcasts – that’s fine – as that’s who I am.

So better for them to hate on me now, that waste my time in a phone call while they’re deciding to hate me or not when they’re spending time with me.

Conversely, some people LOVE what I talk about, which is usually quite a range of subjects but normally around business, property or business growth, we chcuk some mindset in there and discussion on crypto and general investing too – so always something for everyone.

But also, I get to tell people I’m on iTunes and Spotify (Relax Joe Rogan .. plenty of space for all of us)

It also gives me an outlet for some of the stuff I think but dont have time to talk about.

I cover how unfair stuff is, and that we just gotta get on with it, otherwise ‘they’ win.

It won’t win any awards, that’s for sure.

But what it also does is … keeps me in front of my target audience.

I used to think that you should limit peoples access to you – and on a personal level I still think that’s true.

But I also know that people want access to you, they want to know what you think about stuff … and this gives the perfect platform.

If you haven’t got your own podcast yet … you should.

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