Whoops – looks like I’ve upset a few people by creating a course that packages everything up in one place with a mega low price point.


£27 gets you over 115 bitsized videos that show you from start to finish how to create a profitable online course in under 2 weeks.

Profitable means on your VERY FIRST SALE by the way.

The tools are here – you just need to know what they and how to use them.


16 Modules cover everything from start to finish including a MEGA EASY WAY to get your ideas down before you start recording and putting them in order.

That way, when you have it laid out in this way, it makes it really easy to get onto the content creation and keep that momentum going.

It’s such an easy way of making profitable training courses – and it’s only £27.

Looks like I’ll be upsetting a few more people before the week is out.

Daniel Latto

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