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February 12, 2023

If you're not involved in the marketing industry, then it's easy to not know the difference between marketing and PR. 

Both of these are client-facing industries that must promote their associated brands, but it's done in a different way.

So, exactly what is the difference between Marketing and PR, and why must business owners outside of these industry sectors be concerned?

The Various Forms of Marketing Agencies

Marketing is simply to promote a product, service or business to as many eye balls as possible.

Digital advertising, the most recent modern demonstration of the marketing industry, seeks more immediate interactions from customers online.

Whatever their scenario is, all marketing professionals are attempting to promote products, services or businesses and will target their prospective customers, and persuade new clients to buy their product. It's all about generating more cashflow and making more sales.


"The way a business owner decides to invets in the marketing of the business will likely determine the success of that business.  Digital Marketing should be your first step, and then toy around with using a PR Agency once you've generated enough cash to do so.

Daniel Latto  Digital Marketing Agency Owner

A marketer's goal is to generate direct returns on sales for their client. 

They accomplish this through advertising, branding, and digital selling, which is mostly done through media platforms. They do this to target a company's current clientele by developing advertising strategies that they know will appeal to them based on market research.

Why should small business be concerned?

Whether you run a trendsetting digital startup or a family-owned shoemaking industry, all businesses that operate in the digital realm require a marketing plan.

How else will they be capable of informing their customers, both old and new, near and far, about their services and goods, which include new releases of products and other pertinent news?

Whatever tradition, style, or business in which your SME operates, nearly all of your clients will be searching and purchasing their goods and services online, so you must be knowledgeable about how to use marketing to ensure they buy from you.

difference between marketing and PR

What distinguishes PR it from marketing?

Public relations is the more ambiguous of the two. It's marketed as a luxurious, and sometimes frivolous occupation in our civilisation, as demonstrated by the iconic "TV programme Absolutely Fabulous?" which featured two champagne-loving PR professionals who didn't seem to do much work at all.

But, as we've already heard, the industry is extremely valuable, so what exactly is it all about? The goals of public relations are less about sales and more about reputation management and communicating positive marketing content to clients' stakeholders and customers.

While marketing considers short-term investment opportunities and associated pay-offs, public relations considers the long-term effects of cultivating positive relations and building a solid brand image for their clients. What is the distinction between advertising and marketing?

difference between marketing and PR

The various challenges when dealing with both

Public relations hasn't changed dramatically over the years. Since the industry relies so heavily on emotional contact, the digitalisation has had little impact on it, with the exception of a greater emphasis on promoting clients via social networking sites.

The public relations industry, like marketing, is divided into in-house (where a firm may have a PR team working within the brand) and organisations, where outside public relations professionals are assigned a list of paying clients (different brands) to whom they advertise positively through the media and at occasions.

The PR game can be a bit more difficult, as PRs must ensure that their brand names receive favorable coverage at all times and to all individuals. Customers aren't the only ones who benefit from public relations; everyone who comes into contact with the brand they portray or is related with it in any way must have a pleasant feedback with it.

This means that it is nearly impossible for public relations professionals to maintain a consistent level of brand reputation management at all times. Obtaining public recognition for a customer through benefits of social media (such as editorials or blog posts) is a surefire way for PRs to do their job well.

However, determining whether a public relations firm is worth their salt for clients is more subjective because there are no tangible ROIs to track as there would be in advertisements; after all, public image isn't something you can assess yet.

difference between marketing and PR

Understand the distinctions and use their services

Whatever industry you work in or what services or goods you provide, chances are you want as much positive media visibility as possible.

While you are busy managing your business, a public relations specialist can do their part by connecting your service or product with the right platforms to guarantee that you get some media attention, attract more customers, and even external investors.

The most noticeable method of accomplishing this is for your PR to place your product, service, or even a headline story about your company with a journalist at an industry-relevant publication.

Also, if something goes wrong at any time and your company's reputation is jeopardised, make sure you have someone who can communicate messages of consistency and optimism to customers and stakeholders while you address the issue, because media silence is deafening and unsafe for businesses.

difference between marketing and PR

What can I do with this information?

If you have additional funds to hire a public relations or advertising bureau, or even to recruit staff to do it full-time in your firm, that's fantastic.

Even if you don't have the money, it's essential to comprehend what these sectors are about so you can equip yourself to do your own PR and advertising for your brand as you develop your company.

If you recognise the differences between PR and marketing, you'll be able to determine which aspects of your business require assistance or more work from you in order to improve, whether it's more effective media exposure or getting more customers to purchase your goods online.

Because productive business dealings are influenced by individuals enjoying your brand and sustaining your validity and appeal digitally, both of which are based on PR and marketing.

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