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September 18, 2015


Lets Talk About Driving Instructors

For most people (well, everyone really), when they’re learning to drive a car, they get an instructor to sit next to them, and explain how everything works.

But the lesson doesn’t stop once they have explained the highway code to you and show you what all the buttons in the car do.

They’ll even take you out on the roads, next to people who already know how to drive (well, that’s sometimes debatable isn’t it!) and make sure that you’re not driving badly, help you to improve what you’re doing and generally not destroy everyone else on the road including yourself.

Now if you take these two people learning to drive:

The First is learning from YouTube videos about how to drive a car, they’ve read books about driving cars, they’ve even read autobiographies about people who drive cars (you know, for inspiration).

They may even have taken a weekend course on ‘how to drive cars’ and sat in the audience with 25 other hopefuls all wanting to learn how to drive cars after the event (as though by some magical osmosis, they have suddenly learned how to do it right in such a short space of time)

Then take the Second person, this person gets an instructor who sits next to them and helps them all the way, shows them the pitfalls and points them in the right direction, giving feedback all the way.borat

Heck, the 2nd person even has discounts to cheap cars so that when you pass, you get a great deal and helps you make sure you buy the right one.

Hmmm …. what point do you start to think the first person is going to to do really, really well in their endeavours?

It just doesn’t make sense does it ?

But that’s how it is in the property investing world. Full of hopefuls at seminars, sat with up to 500 other people all busy taking notes and being inspired for the day.

Instead of just getting the damn instructor and accelerating their results.

Which Reminds Me.

Last night I received a text (a Whatsapp as it happens) from a client who has just bought his next property.

These are the numbers :

Open Market Value once refurbished (£80,000 approximate)

Refurb costs £9,000

Expected purchase price (willing to go up to £54,000).

The ACTUAL Purchase price …. £45,000.

An actual deal, from an actual client sent to me in an excited text last night.

Now this IS an amazing deal, and we don’t get them EVERY single day. We normally get £65k deals for £45k / £50k, all with high cashflowing numbers.

Or we get people sourcing property and making a full time income from doing so.

Or we get clients who have taken on 10 Lease options / Rent to rent deals in a 6 month period, earning £2,000 per month.

But every so often we pull off an amazing deal like this one and the client gets it at a whopping discount.

The client who, incidentally, got the instructor to show him how to do it.

The client who DIDN’T WANT TO sit in a room with 500 or even just 50 people.

They went straight for the person they felt could get him what he wanted.

And that’s exactly what he got.

So … which one are you ?

How many more webinars, weekend events, networking events, podcasts etc do you need to attend/listen to before you just sign up with an instructor ?

I want you to accelerate your results, and the best way of doing that is with a Property Coach with 17 years experience, 12 of which include a lettings agency as well.

We’re not ‘newbies’ at coaching, we’re seasoned professionals who enjoy helping others achieve their dreams.

It’s simple to do with the right help, and everyone can all do it.

What about you ?

Daniel Latto
Business & Property Investor Coach.

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