After almost 2 decades as a successful ENTREPRENEUR, there are 2 things that account for that success ...

  • A Mastermind Group of Like Minded People
  • Continuous Learning, Education & Training

So, what is the
wealth mastermind?

Hi, It's Daniel Latto here.

So if you're like me, you'll know that having a group of like minded people to gain inspiration from on a regular basis is vital to your future success.

Networking with people who are on their way to being a Wealthy Millionaire with a winning mindset is important to help accelerate your results.

Coupled with regular training, LIVE virtual events in the Facebook group, the Wealth Mastermind is a Mastermind Group aimed at helping people accelerate their results in the fastest time possible.

This isn't for everyone...

We get 2 types of people joining.

  1. People who are already successful, but who want more
  2. People on their first journey and need a helping hand

If neither of these are you, then this probably isn't what you're looking for.

Daniel Latto

This is what's included as a member


Live Weekly Training from Dan in the Exclusive Facebook Group

Come and Join Dan when he goes LIVE in the Facebook group with regular monthly training.



Q & A


Join Dan for Regular Q & A and 'Ask Me Anything' Sessions.

Group Coaching & Regular contact.


Exclusive Training

In The

Members Area

I've taken the best of my knowledge about Wealth Creation and moved it into easy, bite sized training sessions that you can tap into whenever you want.

PLUS get weekly motivation through sharing our WINS for the week, every Friday at 12 noon

Clients have often told me this is their FAVOURITE PART of their ENTIRE WEEK !

PLus You'll get this training included


How To Get Wealthy

A Training Series that looks at the 3 things you must do in order to build your wealth



We'll deep dive into the area of 'Finances' so that you can learn what needs to happen in order to become wealthy


Increasing your income

What steps do you need to take in your business and life in order to increase your income ?  This training will show you.


How To Invest

Making INCOME isn't enough, you need to learn how to invest


Staying Motivated

We all feel the pressure from time to time.  This is how I personally GET and STAY motivated.


Plus MORE 

PLUS we continually add to the training you get included, and it's updated monthly

Here's What To Do Next

Click the sign up button.

As soon as we reach a certain size the price will be going up, so time is of the essence.

Where else can you get a quality Mastermind for just £7 a month from a Millionaire Property Portfolio owner, an NLP Master and Business Coach and a successful Digital Marketing Agency Owner ?

In my experience, the ones who make the 'Millionaire Status' are the ones who decide quickly, who take action immediately, who look for the upsides (amazing content, regular LIVE contact) whilst covering their asses for any downsides (it's £7!).

Are you one of those people who are ready to step up ?


I know £7 is an amazingly low price, but sometimes people are still not happy.

It's just part of life, we can't please everyone of course.

So if what we offer isn't enough for you, then you can take advantage of my Iron Clad, Rock Solid Guarantee !

My guarantee to you is that if you don't like it, then simply cancel your subscription and you'll never be charged again.  

If you're not happy for whatever reason, you can easily cancel (no long winded cancellation policy!)  Just send us an email to or you can cancel your subscription via the members website.

About the Author

Daniel Latto was originally born in Leeds and started investing in Property at the age of 27.

By 30, he had become a property millionaire and had since expanded his portfolio of properties that made him financially free by the age of 42.

Today, he lives in Spain on the Mediterranean Coast where he runs his Digital Marketing Agency and Business Coaching Business.

His iTunes podcast was rated #1 and went straight into New & Noteworthy chart.

Copyright 2019, Daniel Latto