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If you're looking for Video Marketing For Estate Agents, then you're in the right place.  We provide a full service package for Estate Agents including Video Marketing services that will help you bring on new valuations and help you sell properties quicker PLUS stand out from the crowd, then book your free Strategy Session Now.

Estate Agent Marketing

Video Marketing For Estate Agents : Our Comprehensive Digital Estate & Letting Agent Marketing Package is Available for LESS THAN one new listing per month!

Imagine getting all your Estate Agent Social Media Images edited & scheduled, all your property videos put into a professional looking video for each and every property you list, and all of your search engine optimisation done for you at a price that's less than obtaining one new listing per month.

Just take a look at everything we do for you.



Video Marketing for Estate Agents is increasingly an important way to market your properties and bring on new vendors.  You do the filming (following our step by step templated system), and we'll stitch it all  the videos together with intros, outros, music and a professional looking finish and schedule it out across Social Media and YouTube, making your Video Marketing one of the best in the country.



As well as Video Marketing for Estate Agents, Social Media is here to stay, and the problem for most businesses is remaining consistent in the distribution of your content.  Your team are better off hitting the phones than spending hours editing video content, so we do it all for you, thus freeing up your team to do more follow ups, more canvassing and the like. Not only that, all our video editors are degree educated, so they have both the knowledge and experience.



The key is to not just be on page one for the obvious search terms like "Estate Agent [Location]" (which are really hard by the way, but still possible), but to also rank for some of the phrases that people type into google that aren't so obvious. Getting ranked on Google also provides a more longer term approach to being visible and the earlier you start, the better it will be.


Facebook Ads Campaign

Our Facebook Ads Campaigns are designed as a 'catch all' to see who clicks and lands on the landing pages.  This Facebook Ads Campaign will ensure visibility to your audience every single day to remind potential vendors that you exist, that you're ready for business, that you're pro-active with your marketing, and that they should list with you.


retargeting ad campaign

Those who click the links and have identified themselves as 'interested', will then be served another follow up advert to entice them to book in a call - we call these retargeted ads.


Leaflet Design (if needed)

Leaflet drops are proven to work and with the additional online digital marketing support, you're onto a winner.  So we'll design all the leaflets you need and ensure they're print ready for you.


Full monthly reporting and statistics

You'll want to know what we've been up to, so we provide you with a full list of everything we've done including how many videos we've edited, how many images we've made, what SEO work we've done.

PLUS you'll get detailed analysis of the results of that work including Google Analytics and a report on traffic sources (ie social media / google searches and so on)

Here’s What You’ll Get When You

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Not just one or two properties,  but EVERY single property you list will have it's own professionally made video.

We know that videos are helping Estate and Letting Agents stand out more than anything else, and in particular, it helps vendors decide which agent to use. Estate Agent Video Marketing is a vital aspect of business growth and one that many Estate Agents overlook.


When I owned my own letting agency, we literally owned the first page of Google for specific high ranking keywords.

We'll look to create the same for you, bringing in more traffic to your website where you can take on more property instructions.

Facebook ads campaign

We have 3 types of Paid Ads campaign.

The FIRST is a 'catch all' FACEBOOK AD to see who clicks the link and visits the landing page (specifically designed for converting visitors)

The SECOND is a Google Keywords Ad that hits the keywords that people are typing on Google.

The THIRD is a re-targeting advert that follows everyone who landed on that landing page around on Facebook, reminded them of you (As they clearly have a house to sell, or are in the market to buy).

The more people see you, the more people will use you, and so this is designed to have as many people who are 'interested' in seeing you as possible so they sign up.

Homeowner Campaigns

Now It’s Time to Grow Your Customer Base !

You can't sell a property until you've brought on a property to sell.

Pretty obvious right?

So our Homeowner Campaign is designed to generate new leads from people who are looking to sell their house in the next 3 months, thus filling your pipeline with appointments and leads.

Then it's up to you to bring them on and sell their property for them !

The Homeowner Campaign is included in the package.

Why does Video Marketing For Estate Agents Work ?

One of the keys to success in marke3ting anything, is to remain in front of your potential customers as much as possible.  One of the ways in which we do this is to create a video of each and every property you put on the market, and then we share that out across social media.  Video Marketing for Estate Agents works, and you'll see an increase in website visitors and more importantly, in the number of vendors listing their properties with you.

Video Marketing For Estate Agents - Statistics

  • 51% of consumers spend their time on Youtube.
  • YouTube has replaced Facebook as the #1 influence that affects the customer’s behavior
  •  72% of customers said they would rather learn about a product or service by way of video
  • 64% of companies claimed that a video posted on Facebook resulted in a new client for the past 12 months
  • By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic
  • 78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view online videos every day.

What Our Valued Customers Say

Sean Collie

Rent To Rent Specialist

Great company to work with! 

Very responsive and there anytime we need help. They know what there doing to get more leads and people seeing your business

Del Huse

Sourcing Investments

Would recommend without reservation.

Dan and his team run our social media content and post management - what a great service and team. In our fourth month now and expectations definitely exceeded. 

Jo Fox

Estate & Letting Agent / Deal Sourcer

I had a couple of leads early on in the process, which now pays for this service for a year.

Dan and his team designed and built my website and I am a customer of his social media marketing agency, so everything is set up for me to get the most out of it. All I can say is that communication is excellent, Dan really understands my business and I have had fantastic results and compliments from others about my marketing and online presence.  

Why Most Estate & Lettings Agents Fail With Their Estate Agent Video Marketing

Can Estate Agents and Letting Agents do all their marketing themselves? Of course.

But Should they be spending their time on that?

Or should they be spending their time speaking with vendors and buyers actually closing business ?

Reason #1

Their negotiators are spending time creating videos and images, when they should really be on the phones following up, canvassing, or meeting as many new people as they can, not editing videos.

Reason #2

To be consistent on marketing, it actually takes a LOT of work.  So what happens is, they start off full of energy, and then after a few weeks it erodes into nothingness, and you end up with tired and fed up agents.  That's why we do most of the work instead.

Reason #3

Not enough time in the day.  To do things effectively like SEO, and video editing and image creation, takes an awful lot of time, and usually it's not the first priority (speaking with vendors and buyers should be instead), so invariably, the social media posts don't go out

About Daniel Latto

As well as investing in property for the last 2 decades, I use to run my own Lettings & Estate Agency in Leeds, so we know what we're doing.

At it's peak (before social media even really took off), we generated an average of 35,000 website visitors per month. We sold that business back in 2011, but the one thing I really enjoyed about that business was growing the marketing side.  

And we were really good at it too !

So now, we translate those results into helping other estate agents and letting agents around our the UK with their marketing with a comprehensive Estate Agent Marketing Package.

What makes our Estate Agent Marketing  different?

We literally owned our own Estate and Lettings Agency in Leeds, with offices in Sheffield and Manchester.  One of the things we were really good at, was getting first page rankings, and upping our website visitor numbers.

In fact one of the comments I remember so vividly was when speaking to a landlord who said "In the end I had to use you guys, as you were everywhere" - which is exactly as it should be.

Because of our previous hands on experience, we speak the same language, and have the same experiences as most Estate and Lettings Agencies, as we've literally been there on the front line so to speak.

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100% Satisfaction
100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

We want you to be successful when you join with us.  And because that's so important for us, if you don't like our results, after our initial contract period ends (which is 4 months), you can simply cancel and no further payments will be taken.

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Personal Note From Daniel ...

We know taking on a new marketing campaign can be quite scary at first, and that's why our initial contract period is just 4 months.

After that, you can decide what you would like to do. 

But it's always worth booking a call to find out what you're missing out on.

Our job is to make your job so much easier.  

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