Video Marketing | How More Content Leads To Increased Web Traffic


Video Marketing | How more content leads to increased web traffic

After increasing the amount of content we’ve been pumping out on the last week, our website stats DOUBLED.


They doubled.

Not only that, but now that the content has been made (Videos and Podcasts) – it STAYS MADE.

Which means we can repurpose it later on, say in 6 months or a year or so.

And then we get to send MORE traffic back to the website, build brand and overall awareness so that when the time is right, people can do business with us.

More content = More eyeballs looking at your offers.

It’s really as simple as that.

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About the author 

Daniel Latto

Daniel Latto is the owner and Director of The Daniel Latto Group, a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency.

Daniel advises businesses on marketing on Social Media using both Paid and Organic content. His top rated iTunes Podcast; 'The Wealth Creation Show' has hundreds of thousands of listeners around the world.

Daniel originally became Financially Free through property, with a Multi Million Pound Property porftolfio in Leeds.

He now lives in Spain on the shores of the Mediterranean.

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