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How to Market Your Business on a Shoestring Budget …

I get quite a lot of email, and a lot of it is asking for help in some way to get a business going, invest in a property, or to just generally move forward.

Sometimes, the questions are very specific such as this one below.

Getting more visitors to your website is very important, and there is only so much money to spend on marketing your business. So, we look for an ‘easy win’ – something that you can do instantly, that doesnt cost a lot of money and then one you have created this ‘Marketing Asset’ (a ‘Marketing Asset’ is something you create once and then get to take advantage of on a regular basis), you can use it in multiple formats.

This short video talks about a way to get an ‘easy win’ to help you get your business noticed. If you’re marketing just like everyone else, then you’ll get the same results as everyone else.

So the question is, how can you stand apart from the rest of your market ?

Watch the Video and remember to post a comment below !


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