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November 20, 2015

UK Property Podcast 14 is now available for download.

Simply go to the download page and enter your Email Address and that’s it !

Click Here for the UK Property Podcast

UK Property Podcast

In this UK Property Podcast I talk about how to keep your focus, and how you can use 90 day goals to sharpen that focus, begin to make better choices and start heading towards your goals much quicker than before.

We also cover the 8 factors you need to consistently lose weight (which also include 6 factors you need to be wealthy!)

The things I hear constantly is “I haven’t got enough time”, or “I haven’t got enough money” and so I talk about to take control of both of these.

Taking control of both the amount of time that you’re spending (or wasting) and taking control over your costs and your income are vital in order to be wealthy.

In my experience, I find these two areas to be the most challenging (Time & Money) and so it’s important to spend a little bit of each and every day in working through those both in terms of how you feel about them mentally and emotionally (Negative emotions about your lack of time and lack of money can change your results for the worse).

Imagine if you had total control over both the amount of time you had available to do the things you wanted (Like family, relationships and personal time), along with allocating time to the things you need to do to get wealthy.  Wouldn’t that make a bit g difference in your life ?

Then imagine using that time in order to start not only saving money by cutting costs and taking control of your finances, but by actually having a plan to increase the amount of income you received on a month by month basis, increasing each month until you were taken out of needing to rely on a job.

It’s definitely possible  I know this because that’s exactly what I did, and it’s my intention to share this type of information on these UK Property Podcasts.

Download the latest
UK Property podcast Here


Author : Daniel Latto

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