Is your marketing so complicated to set up you end up not bothering ?

I see it a lot when I'm speaking with business owners.

They know they SHOULD be doing something, but the whole Facebook thing looks complicated as heck, and they've already spent money on Facebook Ads and got nothing in return.

You can use this to create one or more of your very own page templates for reuse later.

So why bother right ?

But doing 'Facebook Ads' versus 'Getting Clients' are two completely different things.

And so because you ended up not getting the results you wanted, you end up not doing nothing of any consequence.

You're then in 'marketing purgatory' - you know what I mean, you know you SHOULD do something but you don't know WHAT, so you end up doing nothing.

Again. Another month goes by. And another. And then another.

And you're trying all sorts of different things only to get the same mediocre results.

So because I see this so often, over the last 12 weeks I've been developing what I call the 'Triple Threat Client Engine' or 'T3' as we call it in house.

You won't find this anywhere else, because it doesn't exist anywhere else.

Now, just imagine being able to focus back onto your customers while your marketing works on autopilot, bringing on the RIGHT type of customers week in, week out.

In short, this system audits, amplifies and accelerates your outreach to potential clients that are tightly targeted to your service. This is where our ' Triple Threat Client Engine kicks in.

Now, you could be a physio, a personal trainer, a Chiropractor, a restaurant - basically anybody who has the skills and extra capacity to take on more clients.

This works especially well for those with repeat clients.

Most service businesses usually have most of the systems in place, but what they don't have is enough clients to match that capacity (We call that equilibrium).

When we get a client past equilibrium, that's when we can then focus the business on staff training, time management and all that coaching stuff that gets you more time freedom.

But you can't get time freedom until you get your marketing right.

Not being at capacity drives business owners crazy, I mean, how many times have you seen the Personal Trainer at the Gym end up doing the hoovering because they're just not busy enough.

Crazy Right?

So if you have capacity in your business, and are ready to take on more clients throughout the next 12 weeks, then you should make contact.

But only do it if you have capacity for more clients, as were only looking for those who can handle a surge in business.

Look, if you haven't got a client acquisition system in place, then you're spending an unusually high amount of time trying to market your business instead of servicing your clients.

Shouldn't that be the other way around?

And that's where the Triple Threat Client Engine comes in.

The Triple Threat Client Engine

This is a 12 week done WITH you program that Audits, Amplifies and Accelerate your result with clients.

We're only looking for business owners in the service industry that can take on a surge in new clients.

Even better are those that get repeat clients.

We can take your Lifetime Customer Value through the roof, so speak to us and see if it's a good match.