To Grow Your Business, You Must Communicate

A large part of growing your business lies in your ability co communicate with your audience.

This can be through email, or increasingly, it’s through social media channels like

– Facebook
– LinkedIn
– Instagram
– Twitter
– Pinterest

And so it still amazes me that given that social media is free to use, business owners don’t get their Content Marketing Strategy in place.

Getting regular content written up, designed and scheduled weeks in advance can increase the velocity of business growth.

This is how you should be communicating with your audience, existing customers and potential customers :

– Facebook Lives
– Short 1 minute videos
– Images
– Written copy
– Reviews / testimonials
– Emails
– Website content
– Landing Pages
– .PDF’s

and most people just post a couple of times a week when they actually remember to do it, rather than have a coherent plan to create content and schedule it to go out on a regular basis.

And so of course, that’s where we come in.

Our ‘SMMA’ product (Stands for Social Media Marketing Agency) literally does all of that for you, it’s all completely tailor made and there are two price points :

💡£395 gets you images, videos and copy written – all of it scheduled – along with 2 30 minute coaching calls with a content co-ordinator each month.

📢 £595 gets you images, videos and copy written – all of it scheduled – along with 2 30 minute coaching calls with a content co-ordinator each month PLUS PDF’s, website updates (wordpress only), Landing pages and the like. It’s just like having your own marketing department.

And when you pick one, you can step back and focus on doing everything else your business needs to do in order to grow (admin, sales, product delivery, etc) and leave all the communication to your audience to us.

In fact the most common bit of feedback we get from clients is ‘I don’t know how I could have fit all this in’ because of the sheer amount of content we create each month for clients.

Reporting – oh, and you’ll want to not only see exactly what we’ve created for you, but you’ll also want to know what effect it’s had on your business.

For this reason, we give you a monthly report that, when connected properly to all the services, will give you Google analytics data (so you can see how many visitor you had), what was the best time to post and any information about growth.

It’s pretty powerful stuff.

Anyway – if you’re interested in having us do your social media marketing for you, and you want to free up more time in your day, along with improving the way in way you communicate whilst at the same time stepping up on your content, then click the link below and come and take a look.

Daniel Latto

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