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Time Management Coach – Failure to Plan ?

I know Time Management sounds like the most boring subject on the planet, but that’s only until you realise how much it can really help you.  I’ve seen it so many times, a lack of planning meaning that people really don’t know either how much work they’re really doing, (they’re just ‘really busy all the time’) or know idea how to record the results of the work that they’re actually doing (so they don’t know what’s effective for them).
You could say that’s a crazy way to work, but so many small business owners do it that way, it’s a very difficult habit to break.
Time Management Coach


The First Step In Sorting Your Time Management Problem

The first solution is to get your Time Management resolved. During a Business Coaching session last night, the client stated that now he’s got his Time Management resolved, he actually realises just how much time he’s wasting, and more importantly, just how much time he has available.
He’s gone from ‘im just too busy’ to ‘i’ve got loads of time available’. What’s changed ?

Time Management

The way in which he records what needs to be done and how those tasks are then implemented. It can be the difference between being on this ‘Merry go round’ for the rest of your life, or taking life by the horns and finally telling IT what’s going to happen, instead of the other way around. Get your time management sorted. It’s black and white. If you want the success I know you want, then this is not optional, this is a MUST.


Get your Time Management sorted out.

For those that say “I’ll spend all my time ‘managing’; rather than doing, then i’m afraid to say it’s just another bullshit excuse in a long line of Bullshit excuses, and that explains why you are where you are in life right now.

And it’s not making you happy.   Right ?

Work less with a more efficient Time Management Strategy

Right ?

So, get it sorted. For those that want an increase in income, even to become a millionaire, then you have the potential to do it, but not in the format that you currently exist in. You’re doing what the 99% do right now. You have to start doing what the 1% do, and part of that is sorting out your Time Management.
You’ll be amazed at the results when you start doing it properly :


    • “I’ve got more done in a week than I have in a month” – is what one client said.
    • “I’ve actually ran out of things to do and had loads of free time left at the end of the week and didn’t know what to do next” was another clients response.

Why Time Management Works.

It really should be called ‘ be more disciplined’.  Because literally that’s all it takes.  But most people aren’t disciplined at all. So it’s a skill that needs to be learned.

But trust me on this, when you start to implement Time Management regularly, the difference is astounding.

My Time Management system works, and you get it free of charge when you sign up for my coaching.

All of my clients get my Time Management system free of charge, it’s included in their coaching.

Here’s more information about my Business Coaching

Author : Daniel Latto

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