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June 19, 2018

Is Landlord Licensing a way for your caring council to make sure ‘rogue landlords’ don’t take advantage?

Or is it just another way to make yet more money from 99% of good landlords who abide by the rules ?

Of course, the government has done countless questionable things, so is this scheme one of them? Is this really necessary?

I think you can probably tell which way I’m swaying on this issue.

But it’s coming – nationwide.

Maybe not this month or even this year, but it will definitely come in as cash strapped councils need a way to earn money in return for doing fuck all.

(Yep – I swore – it’s THAT serious!)

So what can you do? Take a watch of the video.

The people in the big hats are always coming up with new ideas everyday, left and right, to expand their bank accounts and pass it off as a new law. However, surely intricate research was done before actually passing off this idea and considering it but with the reputation of the government being corrupt and other issues surrounding them, it's understandable for people to question whether it's really effective and with a motive to better the lives of the citizens or if there's a whole other ulterior motive behind it.

And now, they've come up with another idea that goes by the name Landlord Licensing. Basically, according to liverpool.gov.uk, it states that "All private landlords in the city must obtain a licence for each of their rented properties. This scheme has been introduced under the government’s selective licensing laws and signing up for it is compulsory." and the supposed benefits includes, assurance and safety.

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