Throwback Video | Why Rebirth, Rebuilding and Repair are all part of the Success Process

In this video I talk about some of the obstacles we face, and how in our overcoming of them, it allows us to grow as individuals, and face tougher challenges in the future.

Changes are the only thing constant in this world, and they can also be in a form of failure, obstacle, and there’s only way to survive it, it’s coming anyway so adapt! Adapting to change is a means of survival, or career-wise, success. Why? Because that way, one can come out smarter, and stronger. Imagine a life with no changes, stagnant and still, you’ll learn nothing from it, there’s nothing to challenge you, nothing to stimulate you mentally and spiritually and nothing to work on.

Success is not destination, it’s a journey. Why? Look at it this way, if success was a mere destination, there’s always that question “what now?” after you reach it. There’s no end point in success, and you can’t just settle to it once achieved, always go for the better and bigger things because you didn’t go that far to just stay that far. Success is a journey, achieving your goals is not a overnight transaction, you will fall and you will be challenged but you either see that as a failure or as a lesson.

I see too many people giving up at the first hurdle, giving up because it’s hard, giving up because they’re not a millionaire by week 1 (or even year 6).

These things take time. Allow yourself to go through them, take the learnings and grow as a person.

Your results will be so much powerful when you let the process happen.

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Dan Latto

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