Throwback Video | Using “Negative Opinions” As Fuel and Motivation

I’ve heard them all.

You’re too stupid

You’re not tall enough.

You’re too skinny.

You’re too fat.

You’re too short.

You’re too ginger. (yep!)

You don’t know what you’re talking about.

You have no experience.

You have no clue.

You’re an idiot.

You’ll fail.

Every single one of them – and I’m not alone in this – I’m pretty sure most people have heard these at some point in their life.

And after a while we start to believe them.

But then something happens. Something that makes you go.

No. I am good enough.

Let’s do this.

And so you put in the effort, take action and yep, you’ll fail along the way. But the secret – and it’s a secret because although most people ‘know’ this – they don’t really ‘KNOW’ it – the only think they do – the failures along the way are vital to get you to your success.

So this is what I do. I take all the NOs that people have given me. I taken all the shit things that people have done to me. I take them all.

Every single one of them.

And I put them in my ‘FUCK YOU’ box.

And then what happens is this.

10 years go by.

And they see you again, with the beautiful wife, and the villa by the Med.

And I go up to them.

And I open the box. And the FUCK YOU’s fly out of that box and float all around them, jabbing their ego until they cant take anymore.

Then I smile.

I Close the box.

And I leave.

And thats why you should do EXACTLY THE FUCKING SAME !!

Because here’s the thing, you can’t control what other people say about you but here’s what you can control: your reaction.

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Speak soon,

Dan Latto

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Dan Latto

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