Throwback Video | Property Sourcing – How To Make Money Sourcing Property Deals

Being a Property Sourcer does a couple of things right off the bat.

1. It allows you to generate an additional income so that you can pay down some of your debt, and certainly make life easier financially.

2. It can get you onto the property ladder (10 deals at £3k each is £30 deposit for your next house)But there are 2 great ways of making money by becoming a property sourcer :

1. You can package up and sell the deals on (say for £3k each)

2. You can actually buy the deal yourself, take advantage of the tens of thousands of pounds in savings, do the property up and sell at a profit.The first way is much quicker but is lower income.The second way carries more risk but you make more money (but it can also take longer).So it depends on where you are in the cycle as to which path you go down.

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