Throwback Video | Dealing With Downtime – Facebook LIVE Replay

Another great Facebook LIVE replay where I discuss how to deal with downtime.

I travel an awful lot. (Just in January 2017 i had 7 flights, and I have 8 in February!) So I get A LOT of downtime where I feel like I can’t do any work.

Downtime means a time of reduced activity or inactivity and there are times wherein we can’t avoid having time of idleness, most commonly when we are on our daily commute or even when we’re travelling from one place to another.

Times like that are something most people overlook or take for granted because even downtime is still our time and it’s when we are able to whatever we may wish, continue being productive or have some time for ourselves. 

So this video talks about what I can do during that time to get the most out of it.

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