This is what I know about being the best version of you

It's not 20lbs overweight

It's not struggling for money all the time

It's not being fearful about the future.

Being the best version of you requires dedication, belief and actions repeated daily.

Take my gym for example - I got to the stage in my weight where I was unhappy with it. So now I'm dealing with it.

It's hard fucking work. Every single day.

Chocolate, donuts, pizza, bread; all gone 🙁

Sitting around watching Netflix (mostly gone!)

And in it's place is salmon and eggs for breakfast (every breakfast) after my 30 minute cardio session.

Then it's into doing some work on my business.

Then it's into workout 2 at 12.30 pm, 4 days on and then a day of rest lifting heavy weights.

Does it hurt ? Yep.

Do I want to take the day off ? Yep

Do I really not want to go to the bloody gym ? Of course I don't.

Then, after that - I go and shoot basketball for an hour.

Yep - 3 workouts a day - the whole lot takes 3 hours.

4 days on, 1 day off.

That's dedication. That's routine. But is it getting results? Of course - how can it NOT ?

Routine - day in, day out.

In my business, writing long form copy such as this - do I want to do it ? Not always.

Do I get results from it ? Yep.

My social media engagement increases, I get more friend requests and people follow me without requesting friendship on Facebook.

Does that content then go out to my email list? Yep.

And does that get results? What do you think !


Day in, day out.

That's what gets the results.

That's what will lead you to being the best version of you, whatever that may be.

Want to step up and be the best version of you ?

Come and spend two days with me in Spain, and let's map out your entire future and put the plan in place.

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