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  • There’s a problem with our house. It has a single point of failure that’s pretty big!

When it rains a lot, the basement floods somewhat.

But it's ok because I fixed it with part filled bin bags of water set in a row to create a damn like structure !

Oh yes - it took a bit of trial and error, but now if the water comes in then at least all the gym equipment will be fine.

It doesn't look pretty of course, but it sure fixed that problem with the house.

Only ...

It hasn't has it.

It's a temporary stop gap to a bigger problem of the drains not being able to handle a lot of water.

A more permanent solution needs to be found.

But I'll tell you what else I learnt from this experience....

Is just how many people are using temporary stop gaps in their businesses too ...

- that don't look pretty 
- that also only solve the problem temporarily 
- and take up a LOT of time as well as trial and error to find out how to do it

Instead of just getting a professional in, to fix the problem once and for all in a more permanent setting (I'm talking about the water of course)

That way, we needn't wake up n the middle of the night and worry about whether it's worked or not.

Instead we check our emails and see lead generation coming through because our marketing works when we're not - I know, I'm mixing my metaphors too much here.

Luckily we weren't flooded in any way, but I think it was because the rain wasn't as heavy through the night

So that's us nice and safe until next time then.

When we'll have to jury rig a system to not get flooded again and hope for the best.

(We rent our villa here in Spain and have done for the last 4 years - but it's not like we can start digging up the drains to make the fix more permanent)

But if you own your business, jury rigging it so it fixes a short term problem all the time is exactly why you have no time available in your business.

Let's take creating all those images you need and scheduling them on social media.

It's simple enough, it won't look as good though, and all that time it takes when actually, you should be paying someone else to do them on a regular basis for you.

And then all that video editing, and turning into a podcast too - all that time spent when you should be spent on other parts of your business.

If you're literally jury rigging your business to do this stuff all the time (and wasting your own precious time doing it) then it's time to step your business up from a hobby into a proper bona fide business.

And one easy aspect you can offload from your business immediately is all your marketing.

Which is why I created the Done For You Marketing Package - it simply saves you SO MUCH TIME you'll be grateful you looked at it.

But until then, here's hoping the heavy rain has stopped and that we don't get a deluge of more of the wet stuff.

And as I get to the end of my post - the heavens have just opened up - it's like a giant shower head is over the house right now on full !

Wish us luck !

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