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October 10, 2022

I was frustrated when I woke up this morning.

Even after my coffee.

Then I went to Crossfit – 500 jump ropes, 100 wall balls, and another 500 jump ropes to be done for the last workout of the day.

I’ve bought a nice fancy jump rope (its a very fine metal rope for my double unders, and it stings like fuckery when I miss and wallop the backs of my legs, my shoulders, my bloody ear – agony – I mean … what sort of moron hits his ear with a metal skipping rope? Me. I’m that moron.)

So … 500 to do.

And Im doing them in ones and two’s.

I just can’t get the rythm right.

Eventually …. get myself into rythm for a bit but the whole lot takes bloody ages.

By the time I’m onto the throwing a large 6kg medecine ball 9ft or so up against the wall, some people are just finishing and onto their 2nd set of 500.

Now – 100 wall balls is a killer. It hurts the arms, and there’s a squat involved as you come up and release the ball high into the air.

I did them in rounds of
2 x 20’s
then 4 x 15s

And I know everyone else is lapping me, I can see them starting their next set of jump ropes.

I finally finish .. and some folks have actually finished their jump ropes as I’m just starting my 500.

And of course, I’m tired, so it’s even worse this time.

I literaly had 7 single skips to get me started, and then two’s and 3’s.

It’s skipping for goodness sakes … I could do better than this in Primary School.

People have left.

They’ve literally gone home 🤣🤣

I keep going.




Get into rythm to about 350.


Just 50 more to do .. out of rythm and it takes me absolutely bloody ages.

By this time Im MAD. Im frustrated and that stubborn MULE of an attitude kicked in about halfway through this 2nd set.

If it takes me ALL day … I’m going to get these bloody jump ropes completed.

Finally I finish. And Im still frustrated as hell.

And I’d like to say there were words of wisdom, some lesson to be had, something that I could post on social media that says “This is what I learnt …isn’t it amazing

But there isn’t.

The whole thing fucking sucked.

But I did it anyway.

Oh ….

Right …

Ahhh …

Got it …

there was a lesson in it after all.

Things are gonna suck until they don’t.

Trying newish things are going to be painful until they aren’t.

And we all suck at something until we don’t.

We just gotta keep on powering through and hope the next one will be better.

After that, I think I’m going to need several cups of coffee to get through this morning.

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