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  • The top 3 things business owners are worried about when starting a new digital marketing strategy
June 5, 2024

1. Will digital marketing work ?

So the answer is .. it depends. There's no promises in this game, but all things being equal, with content that captures peoples attention and drivs traffic back to the website, and with a website that convert that traffic into leads, then really, it should do.

But we would never promise it, as nobody really knows until you implement it.

But this is about probabilities - one of our more recent clients is blown away by the results they've had from running both a digital marketing content campaign alongside a Google Ads Campaign.

Traffic has increased 5 fold compared to their previous digital marketing agency.

We're pretty pleased with that too of course.

2. Will they get a Return On Investment (ROI)?

And this depends on a number of factors such as

a) margin of the product they're selling - the smaller the margin, the more people they need to sell to to break even as a business

b) how many sales they can actually cope with each week - if there isnt enough capacity to deliver what they've sold, then it won't matter how successful a marketing campaign is going to be - it's going to ultimately fail because they can't deliver

c) Their ability to close leads - lead gen is great, but if you cant actually close the leads you're getting, then again, it makes little difference how many you get.

We've made the mistake in the past of just assuming the client had a sales conversion mechanism in place, when actually, they hadn't, sot eh leads we sent them either weren't closed, or even, that they weren't responded to in a timely manner.

Following up on inbound leads once a week simply won't cut it

3. How do they keep a control of their costs?

For us it's pretty simple, as we have a range of packages, so they know up front what the cost is. In addition to that when they ask about the actual cost of ads, thats pretty simple too, and we recommend starting off at £5 a day so you can track ad spend.

This will give you boundaries on outbound costs and will also make it easier to know how many sales you need to make to break even on the campaign.

Obviously everyone wants to do more than just break even, but you should also appreciate the liftime value ot the customer too.

For exmaple in my own business, our clients stay with us for many months, usually years - so even if it costs £1,000 to bring a single £1,000 a month client, it's worth it as they stay with us for months on end because we do what we say we're going to do.

Now - Im sure there are many more things that run through a potential clients mind, and as they come up, I'll write about them as I think it can be useful in answering other peoples worries too.

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