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  • The most common mistakes I see when people are launching a new business.

We speak to a LOT of new businesses owners, and we get it, times are tough, money is tight, but scrimping on this bit won’t help you in the long one.

So here are some of the things we’ve heard …

The website will be ready in 12 weeks

12 weeks. 12 blinking weeks? What the heck are they doing for this amazing website to take 12 weeks.

Get your website done, and get it out there. Speed to market is one of the most vital components of launching a business

I won’t start posting content because the website isn’t ready

When you start posting content it’s not a ‘switch. You don’t start posting and then suddenly your inbox is flooded with people desperate for your product or service.

It takes time to build trust and awareness, and, especially at the start, the one thing you need to start building is trust and awareness with your potential audience.

I’ll post everything about our product or service first

Don’t do this – people will buy from people they know, like and trust, so give them the opportunity to get to you know before you start ramming your product down peoples throats across social media.

You can introduce your product, and perhaps one benefit at a time, but that should be in a mishmash of other posts that helps you define who you are (a nice person) and one willing and able to help.

A lot of your content should be valuable, fun, educational and should try and help someone in some way.

I know I make this mistake myself, but sometimes I post negative things (because me having a whinge about how shit the world is, and how dreadful our politicians are) – but that doesn’t work.

In fact it polarises people – and I’m not sayiing polarising people is neccesarily a bad thing – just dont do it on politics (note to sell .. again!)

I’ve never produced a website, but Im going to do it to save costs

This is a BIG no, no – I get the reason why, there are tools out there that can make a website not look too shit.

But if you have no experience in creating a website, then you shouldnt be creating one, unless you’re prepared to learn how to do them for the next few years, because thats how long it can take to get your experience of website building in place.

If budgets are tight, talk to us and see how we can help you do this better.

So in summary then

1. Get your website built faster
2. Post content quicker
3. make the content fun, education and engaging and not just about your product or service
4. don’t create your website yourself – get some one with years of experience who knows what they’re doing to build it

Here’s Our Website Design Page

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