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November 20, 2014

“You measure the degree of civilisation of a society by how it treats its weakest members.”


The Lucia Project : Helping the Freezing Cold Homeless this winter (because your local Government doesn’t care about it’s weakest members)

Today I bought 2 x the following at a cost of £20 each pack :

1 x woolly hat
1 x pair of woolly gloves
2 x pairs of Thermal Socks (How often do you think a homeless person gets to change their socks)
Backpack3 x pairs of new pants (How many times do you think a homeless person actually changes their underwear ?)
1 x first aid kit (including 10 waterproof plasters, burn gel, tape, wound cleansing wipe, dressing, bandage)
1 x hand sanitising gel
1 x toothbrush
1 x toothpaste (How often do you think a homeless person gets to brush their teeth)
1 x pack of 25 cleansing wipes
2 x pack of minty polos
10 x nutrigrain style chewy bars
1 x backpack to hold everything in.


These packs cost £20 each to produce. I’d like your help to produce more. Every single pack that gets given to a homeless person this winter makes someone slightly happier, slightly warmer, slightly fresher.

It won’t give them a house, it wont give them a bed at night.

But it might give them … hope.

Hope is a powerful thing, and once that is gone, its a downward spiral.

Want to Join In ?

Do something amazing this week, create your own backpacks and take one with you when you go into town, the chances are you will see someone in need.

This can even be something to do with the kids – post it underneath and let me know how you got on and what fun you had (always be careful of course!)

We bought everything (My 2 children aged 6 and 9 and I) from either the poundshop, or Primark. The kids are now alert at spotting the plight of people less well off than they are and they want to also help as many people as possible.

I always used to think that it doesn’t make a difference, as there are always more homeless people coming onto the streets.

But it does make a difference. It makes a difference to that person you have just helped.

The first time I gave a hat and some gloves, the guy was so grateful. We walked back past him an hour later – and he recognised us again and thanked us as we walked past. I felt a little embarrassed. It cost me just £2.

But it doesn’t have to cost a lot. But it does make a huge difference. It won’t solve the problem, but it gets the world moving in such a way that we begin to help our fellow man and woman.

These are our sisters, our brothers, our sons and daughters, cousins, aunts and uncles.

We complain about the world and about how dark, and cold and bitter it is. We complain about all the wars, the killing of innocents around the world.

And yet, on our very doorstep, in plain sight, are people that need your help. That try and keep warm but fail, terribly. The cold goes right through to the bone, so much so that it becomes a way of life.

Remember when you were cold to the bone – and you had the advantage of coming home, putting the heating on and having a hot bath ?

Now imagine none of that. Imagine this is your way of life night after night, being ignored.

It takes £20 (or whatever you want to afford) to give hope to someone who needs it more than ever through the donation of one of our homeless packs.It doesn’t matter where the homeless person is. It doesn’t matter if they’re in London, Leeds, Manchester or Glasgow, and it doesnt matter where you are based.

It’s cold out there tonight folks. If you don’t want to send money, then think about your next little project. Go out to the £1 shop and buy a hat and some gloves and look for someone to hand them out to. It’s not hard, they’re right under your nose – and when you do, you’ll start realising just how many of them are cold, hungry, tired, scared and cold.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, that’s fine – no pressure. Pass some funds onto someone who can make that difference on your behalf.

I would be grateful, and in particular, you may give a stranger who may be on their last legs, the chance at having some hope in their lives.

Many thanks


P.S. Press ‘SHARE’ and share this status. Even better, donate, and then hit Share and let people know you’ve donated. It will give you a nice warm fuzzy feeling that feels better than a Sainsburys Christmas Advert

The Lucia Project

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