Thanks for Joining!

February 26, 2014

Hey – Thanks For Joining !

We can’t wait to get you started.

But first, 3 rules.

  1. If you get stuck, ask for help !
  2. If others get stuck and you can help, help them !
  3. Let’s make this work – I want the best for you and expect you to put the work in !

That’s it.

So What Next ?

OK, so now keep an eye on your email for the next group coaching session.

Here’s some things you may want to write down ready for the sessions

  1. Write down any questions you may have or want answered.
  2. What specific problem do you have right now that if solved, would allow you to move forward ?
  3. Your wins for the 2 weeks just gone by
  4. What you would like to accomplish in the next 2 weeks

That’s It!

Remember – I’m here to help YOU get the most out of your life – so please ask if you get stuck, have a problem etc.



Speak soon,

Daniel Latto









P.S. The not so small print – ie here’s the stuff you should know.

Cancellation Policy

I’ve made this as simple as possible.  To cancel, simply cancel your paypal subscription and no more fees will be paid out.

Refund Policy

You are paying for the month you’re about to have.  There is no refund policy.