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Tina and Tony Walsh

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Andrew Larigo Testimonial for Daniel Latto for the 2 day Breakthrough Experience

Daniel Latto Testimonials

To rave reviews and an amazing Time Management Strategy

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Amazing Training …

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“I would like to say a big thank you to Dan for such a good mentoring session last week. Over the past week I’ve been implementing the time management we worked on. I still occasionally wander off course and do other things but now I’m starting to write down my daily tasks and pin it up so when I look at my list of tasks that gives me a reminder to get back on track and complete it before I do anything else. By the end of the week I’ve noticed how much I’ve accomplished without even realising!

By taking action I’ve generated 10 leads this week so half way to smashing my target of 20 before Xmas.


“Dan helped me take a look at my business and show me where the gaps were that I needed to plug.  I was just meandering along wondering why things weren’t working, and then once I knew, my business started to grow again. I now have started to take more time off, and my profits have gone up!”

Daniel is an exceptional coach. I was struggling to get my thoughts together on how I could grow the business. Daniel helped me focus on what was truly important and allowed me to ‘let go’ of what was really holding me back. He also gave me some business strategies that literally, could double my business in the next 18 months. I’m eternally grateful Daniel, and have extended my coaching for the next 12 months.

I’ve known Daniel for years through the property industry and endorse him whole heartedly. He has a massively giving attitude and willing to help others around him – Andy Phillips – Digital Marketing Specialist, providing digital content creation and distribution. Owner at Digital Cascade


Daniel Latto Testimonial

Dan Latto is 5* Coach, Trainer and businessman!! Having consulted with, had coaching from, recieved support through, and networked alongside Dan,the thing that has amazed me most is his integrity and depth of character. Dan does not shoot the s**t but cuts straight to the heart of a matter, swiftly becoming aware of any possible challenges and problems that exist or could lay ahead and finding the solutions in rapid timing. If you are in need of quickly getting your business on track, a rapid kick up the backside and quickly regain your focus for the call to action; if you have any requirements for specific and catered for training courses, you got it… I have one tip for you… Call Dan!!He truly helped me sort life out and get it back on track, now I have my dream job and living well and truly in alignment too my values, thanks Dan! I used Daniel to overcome some issues in my business, in particular, finding enough customers. I knew what I should be doing, but wasn’t actually doing the tasks I had set.

In addition, I couldn’t see how I could grow my business, and I realised with Daniels help that it was down to only being able to see the ‘obstacles’ that prevented my business from growing. Over a 4 week period of business coaching, Daniel provided me with a sustainable plan that allowed me to put systems in place, get out of working IN the business and moved me to working ON the business.

If you have considered getting a business coach, or wondered how to grow your own business, then I can highly recommend Daniel.

Great work, very knowledgeable and good value for money for the results I got.

Thanks Dan


Daniel Latto has had a profound impact on my life. From the day I met him I was overwhelmed by his enthusiasm, energy and depth of knowledge in property and in business. I have been part of Dans personal growth and being one of his clients he does everything that recommends others to do, holds himself to account and has exactly the same effect on others. What I look for in a role model and coach is someone that is out there mixing it up as well and Dan really fits the bill. I highly recommend Dan’s business coaching, property coaching and any other coaching he ever decides he wants to go into, due to his knowledge and understanding of people he really does make a massive difference to every single one of his clients. – Ben Leppier – The League of Warriors


Dan is by far the best business coach I have worked with. He is a no nonsense just get it done type of guy and that has paid dividends in the time we have worked together.

His knowledge has been second to none and I would recommend him without hesitation.

Kevin Mclernon 


Daniel Latto Reviews

When I first started working with Dan, I was working all hours, somewhere around 50 or 60 hours a week with 9 days holiday a year, no exercise and very little sleep. Now, in the last 6 months, I’ve grown my business so that the level of ‘hands on’ work I’m doing is minimal, and I can now continue to grow the business WHILST taking more time off. As a result I now sleep at night, exercise every morning, get home a reasonable time and have weekends off. This year I will also have taken 20 days holiday – without my mobile phone or laptop. I have just booked a holiday in Lapland to combine skiing with seeing the Northern Lights


We’ve never had training like this before, and this went beyond all of our expectations”“That was unusual in that, we didn’t cover specific ‘sales techniques’, more like we had a round table discussion, but in doing so … Daniel was doing something to us that really got us thinking and changing the way in which we think”“Many thanks for yesterday Dan! I have spent time with the team today reviewing what they got out of the session and there were some real breakthroughs! The guys were blown away! Thank you again, we look forward to the next session!

“During this process, I managed to become a significant shareholder in a new software start-up, whilst dealing with my wife’s cancer diagnosis and bringing up a child with special needs

… And still did what I did with music! – Ghosthit!”

” I’ve been working with Dan to help me create a Property Sourcing company, helping me to find and sell on deals to property investors.  Over the last 12 months, I’ve done a bunch of deals that have helped me raise my deposit for my first buy to let property.  I couldn’t have done it without Dans help as I had some mental blocks that were stopping me. Next year is looking like a great year with a couple of deals in the pipeline already.  If you want a coach that can see through your ‘stuff’ and help push you in the right direction, then Dan is the one to use.”
Daniel Latto Testimonial


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