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Podcast 192 – Why Punishing Those Who Provide Property Won’t Help Them Provide More Property

I hear a lot of complaints about landlords and buy to let investors.

The amount of hatred that goes out to these folks who are providing much needed housing is astounding.

Talk about biting the hand the feeds you.

But the continual harassment of buy to let landlords isn't helping tenants in the long run.

It's driving landlords out, which means less property to rent which means prices are rising.

Take a listen, and see what you think,

Daniel Latto

Podcast 182 – Sheeple, Grant Cardone and Property

Self investment and self development is vital if you want to keep moving forward.

This podcast was recorded via Facebook Live after a weekend in London watching Grant Cardone.

A thoroughly enjoyable weekend (that literally took 14 hours of travelling to get from Stansted to Spain!) and a great reminder of how far one has come compared with when I first started 20 years ago.

Oh, and some examples of 'sheepage' (Yes, Ive made that word up - but it's people acting though 'sheep like')

Take a listen.

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Speak soon,

Dan Latto

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