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I nearly missed out on my morning coffee this morning. (Think of me wanting a coffee as being similar to me achieving a goal).

Why did I nearly miss out? Because we’re out of sugar. An ingredient that’s needed to make my goal of having a coffee a reality.

And then the wife tells me ‘you can use the caster sugar that I use for baking that’s in the cupboard”

>>> What? But thats for baking.

“No, it’s the same stuff, just finer”

And off I went with my coffee with caster sugar. Tasted great – a real success.

And you know what, that one single piece of information was going to stop me from achieving my goal of success in making that coffee.

Only. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. And what you don’t know is what’s stopping you from getting the results you want.

Thats why i’m a successful coach. I help people identify what they want (the coffee), and we make sure all the components are there, including any work arounds that may be needed for your specific situation.

The result ? A great cup of coffee.

P.S. I’m not just talking coffee here am I?

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