Business Coaching : Writing a book – is it a profit centre or a lead magnet ?

So in a Business Coaching call I had in Leeds recently, my client had his initial Business Coaching call.  He has a book thats been published and has a Kindle version coming out shortly.
When I asked how much the book was being sold for – it was over £10 – when I asked how much for the Kindle – it was going to be about the same price.
So then ensued a conversation as to what the book was for.
Is it a profit centre, or is it a method to get as many people to read it as possible.  You see, when someone reads your book, your ‘placing’ the person in your environment – you’re getting them to think like you are, and during that process the brain is engaged to your way of thinking.
Now if thats the case, then you could use the book as a good ‘lead magnet’ to upselling them to more products or services.
Now the question here of course is … you do have a clear path that the client can follow, one product after another with a clear upsell so that if the client wants to continue their journey with you, then they can.
Many business don’t have a ‘sales ladder’ – they have their big main product and end up trying to sell that straight away, only to wonder why they’re not closing the business.  For some customers, its just too big a jump.
Whereas, if you can sell them your kindle book at £2 or £3 – then they will read that, and then get to know you, and your products or services.  Then they’re beginning to build trust and begin to understand your way of thinking.
At that point, you now start to have a clear path that you can upsell the client to – each step is a process to sell the next step – each product s to build up towards selling your main product.  When you do this, your income also increases, as you now have your ‘starter’ products that people can buy into, and then you end up selling more of your main product anyway.
So the question again is – do you sell your kidnle book for £10 as a profit centre (how many of those do you need to sell to make profit), or do you drop the price to £2 or £3 and start to sell more products between this one and the more expensive main product you have.
Once you have a sales ladder in place, then you’ll have a better idea.
If you havent got a sales ladder in place, then we need to chat – and the Business Booster Coaching Session is a perfect seesion for us to do so.
Not only will you come away with a clear path as to how to move forward, but you will also understgand the steps that can help you get there.  Plus, you’ll know if having a business coach is a great way for you to move forward with your business.
Author : Daniel Latto

Business Coaching Leeds – what sort of results can you expect ?

When many of my clients sign up, they’re looking for a way to increase their business.  That usually means more customers, or certainly more people visiting the website, or the phone ringing more often.  SO that’s what we concentrate on first.
We’ll look at what traffic mehtods one may have already implemented and then begin to look at more, to increase the number of people going through their ‘sales funnel’.  We may look at Video Marketing for example.
In fact, just this week, during one of our 1 hour coaching sessions, we identified some new keywords that would help drive more traffic to their website.  We agreed that I would go off and create some videos and optimise them to be found.
I created the videos, uploaded them to Youtube, and optimised them.  2 days later, through Facebook, the client posted on my wall that he actually received his first new customer from that video.  This was a paying customer, so the client already began to get a return on investment.
This is of course the first part of the process – the actual reason for doing this video wasn’t to make money straight off the cuff (Which we did anyway as it happens) – but was designed to drive traffic, generate phone calls and create a lifelong customer.  The initial sale was just the beginning of this process.
You see, for many business owners, the sale is the END of the process – and it thats why the business struggles.  So although you may decide that you need more traffic – its not more traffic that will help you grow your business – its what you do with the customer long term.
So what is it you need in your business.  Are you already generating new customers, and if not why not.  Whats topping you from getting more customers?
It may be a lack of knowledge, or it may be a lack of time to implement what you know – in which case you need to get it outsourced.

Our Inbound Marketing Package is a complete that is designed to drive more traffic, get the phone ringing and get some immediate sales.  The way you grow your business is what you do next.

The beauty of using a Business Coach is that you can discuss an idea, and from that idea will spin off several more – then we can look at the best ones, see how quickly we can implement them and start getting almost instant results.  You can then outsource the work, or do it yourself.
If you’re not sure on how to outsource the work, then we’ll discuss that too – it could be something your Business Coach can take on board, or they can discuss the best outsourcing methods.
If you’ve never had a business coach, and wonder how the session is set up – then just give us a quick call and we;ll go through it with you – after your first session, you’ll wonder why you never did it before.  We’ll conduct a quickfire round of business coaching that will help you identify what the best next steps are for you.
Hopefully, we’ll speak soon, and work out the path for your business.
Author : Daniel Latto

A Quick 6 Step Plan to Achieving Your Goals

Step 1: Have Absolute Written Clarity on Your Vision/Goal/Income – this means you have to write it down, and be absolutely clear about it.

Step 2: Develop the Beliefs and Habits Needed To Achieve It – if the belief systems and habits you have right now will not take you there, change them.

Step 3: Determine the Specialized Knowledge, Skills, Strategies and Tactics Needed To Accomplish Your Goal‐ And The Product, Service or Investment Vehicle – if you haven’t got the specialised knowledge, then get it.  If the product doesn’t exist, then create it.

Step 4: Surround Yourself With A Team To Help You Apply Your Plan – working on your own = failure.  Get the team in place (Sales, SEO, Admin, etc)

Step 5: Take Action Daily towards Your Goal – this means you do it every day – not just once a week.

Step 6: Tweak Your Thoughts and Actions As Often As Possible Till You Develop a System and Process That Repeatedly Works For You – in other words, sensory acuity – if it doesn’t work, change it, and keep changing it until it does work.

Author : Daniel Latto

Helping your kids get the best start in life …

So, recently, my 2 children have had birthdays – one just turned 5, and the other just turned 8.  At what age do you decide to teach them about money?

Well, between the ages of 0 and 7, children have what we call their ‘imprint period’ – this is where their values are imprinted, their ethics, and how the generally see the world.

From 7 to 14 – it’s called their ‘modelling period’ – a time when they begin to look up to people and start to emulate them.

So for me, this age of 6, 7 and 8 years old is very important, and is a good time to begin to teach them.  But what do you teach them exactly.

Well, you could teach them that they have to work hard, get good grades, get a job and so on.  That’s what I was taught, my dad was self employed and worked a lot of hours, and so you begin to feel that this is what you must do.

However, there is another way, and it is that you can teach them to create an ‘asset’ – something that they buy or create just the once, and it keeps putting money into their pocket long after they have bought it.

That’s exactly what I taught my 8 year old, and my 5 year old was sitting there at the same time.  This is what I told them.

I began to explain that for some people, they have to get up and go to work each day – whenever they aren’t at work, then they don’t get any money.

I then explained that there are some people, like daddy, that get paid regardless of if they get up and go to work, and that’s because I’ve already done the work some time ago, and continue to reap the benefits of doing so.

The method I said, was to buy a house, and then rent it out.  So if daddy has a house that costs £300 per month, but the rent is £500 per month, then I earn £200 per month each and every month.

Then I asked the eldest how much money I would have each month if I had 10 of these houses for example, and she worked it out.

I drew a picture of all of the houses, so that she could see each one, see how much money it brought in for each one.  Once she had worked it all out, I saw her eyes light up and the realisation had slowly begun to sink in.

I then explained the difference between those that got up and worked each day, and those that didn’t was because the house was the asset, but it didn’t have to be.  It could be a website that has people who visit it and buy things, in which case the idea was to drive more and more traffic to it.

I also explained that it could be you wash cars, and get all your friends to wash them whilst you just look after bringing in the income – and that’s how businesses work.

We’ll cover it again as she grows older, and the understanding begins to sink in that little but more – but I already know she is now looking at things slightly differently and now questioning why you go out to work every day.

My aim on this is to get her to the point where she can make her own decision as to what she would like to do when she gets older.

In the meantime, we’re also talking about University, something which she completely discounted just a year ago, and now she has a much bigger interest in going.

As your children transition from the imprint period to the modelling period, it’s important that you send the right messages, and try and ‘expand possibilities’ – that life isn’t set on just going to and from school but that the world is much, much bigger than that.

I want both children to understand that they can choose how to live their lives, and not settle on what they get ‘given’ to them.

Send the right messages, and provide them with support, and they’ll amaze you.

Just a few weeks ago, my eldest came home and got some paper, drew some pictures and cut them into strips and asked me to laminate the strips which I did.

When I asked why she was doing this, her response was that she was going to sell them at school for .25 pence each, and that all the money was going to Great Ormond Street Hospital.  A nice little daddy moment that was, a chip off the old block.

The fact that all the money was then going to charity was an unexpected bonus.  Of course, my partner being a school teacher, was a little bit worried about her selling them at school – I just told her to go do it – until she gets told not to.  There are lots of times when you’re older in life that people say you can’t do something – I got told many times and still do .. I just ignore them also and that’s one of the reasons I get the results I get for both myself and my family.

Teach them, and teach them well, the world is full of opportunity, and people will try and switch them away from it – teach them to go through with their ideas, if they follow everyone else, they’ll just be like everyone else – and that’s not good enough for me.

The kids education begins as a baby, is reinforced by school, but ultimately, its the parent responsibility to continue to teach them, to help and support them – this is what will help make your child more successful, and I know 100% that it’s my duty to do so.


Good luck !


Author : Daniel Latto

How Business Coaching can change the economy

I’m frustrated.  There – i’ve said it.

If you’re wondering what i’m frustrated at, it’s the state of the economy.  I know we’re in recession, but rather than cutting everything in sight (which I appreciate we HAVE to do as the numbers just don’t stack up) – I believe that some money has to go into helping businesses get their business in order.

What I mean by this is that I see constantly lots of very motivated Business Owners working every hour that they possibly can – unfortunately they’re often working on the wrong thing.

I saw a video on Youtube recently, and it was a video of a very drunk man trying to get up the escalator.  He couldn’t quite make it, regardless of how hard he tried. I mean, this guy was committed, he was trying really, really hard to get up the escalator, but no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t get up to where he wanted to be.

The problem you see, was that he was trying to go UP the DOWN escalator.  Im afraid he was so drunk he just couldn’t work it out, no matter how hard he tried.  The video went on like this for at least 5 minutes, and people were laughing at him.

Then, some kind soul pointed him onto the correct escalator that was going in the right direction.  With this little bit of coaching, he soon reached the top.

And this is exactly what’s needed in the UK.  We have a great workforce on the whole, we have business owners working 18 hour days and not quite getting the results they so desperately want.  All it takes is for someone on the outside to take a quick look, realise where they’re going wrong and set them in the right direction.

Many business owners for example, just don’t know how to grow a business, and why should they – they’ve never had to do it before.  They’re not experts in marketing, business growth, social media, seo, or any of that stuff.

They’re not experts in postcard marketing, getting the database in place, getting referrals or feedback to help them grow their business – so why not give them a business coach.

Imagine, if every small business got a n experienced business coach, that could help channel all of that hard work and energy into the right areas.

I don’t mean the business advisors that you get at your local banks by the way – these 22 year old spotty bankers who’ve never ran a business in their lives.  I mean what the hell do they know about running a business?

I mean a Business Coach, someone who is set up as a Full Time Business Coach, someone who has experience and a track record of helping businesses grow.  Just to point them in the right direction – just imagine the results that they would start to get.  More business would get done, more referrals, more income, more tax paid out, more purchases, higher employment, less benefits paid out – it makes perfect sense.

Unfortunately, it’s not going to happen – the government is hell bent on cutting costs to the bone.  So now YOU have to take the bull by the horns and sort it out yourself.  The government isn’t there to help you, its there to cut costs and collect taxes and spend them in the best way it knows how.

It’s up to you to step up, and invest in your business – to work out the best way forward for your business. Why not give me a call, and lets see how we can move your Business Forward.


Author : Daniel Latto

The Benefits of Business Training

During all my years of Business Coaching, there are a few things that stand out when it comes to a Business Owner growing their business.

The first one is that sometimes, they end up doing the same thing over and over again and hoping to get a different result.  This is crazy (as im sure you’ve heard Einstein state before) – but it does happen over and and over again.

Whats needed is a fresh perspective.  The ability to ‘see the world through new eyes’ is a difficult one, and for that you have to GROW.  But many business owners dont want yo grow, they just want more money or more time off.  Well, it doesnt work like that im sorry to say.

SO what you need to do is to expand the mind, or as we call it in Coaching, Expanding Possibilities.  Getting up and doing the same thing week in and week out will simply get you the same results you got last week – sure you might have a slightly better / or worse week – but ultimately, youre just going to get the same results.

A new perspective can be fairly easy to come by, but you have to go out and find the new information, the new knowledge that can transform not only your business, but also the way you think.


Business Training can provide that new perspective, by providing you with new ideas to implement into your business.  Not only that, but in many Business Training settings, you have an opportunity to speak with different business owners and see what they’re doing in their business.


This can be a superb opportunity to create something new, discover a new way of doing things, that you can implement into your business immediately – but you have to get out there and take the Business Training courses.


Business has changed dramatically over the last few years, and its going to change even faster over the next few years.  The ability to change and adapt is the first key to creating new revenue streams, adding extra services to make more money out of each and every client, to find new methods of servicing customers requirements.

If you don’t do it, then your competitor is doing it – and before long, your business is seeping away into the coffers of your #1 competitor.

So find the training courses – learn how others are implementing what they have learned, adapt, survive and grow – that’s the key.

Take a look at what the business courses are

Things such as

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Sales Training

Social Media Marketing

Time Management

Mindset Training

There are many, many more Business Trainings out there, find the ones that can help you grow your business inline with your business growth plan (You have one of those right?) – you’ll soon start to develop new methods of growing your business, and it will be your competitors that will struggle, not you.

A quick look online can help you find the courses, and they don’t have to be expensive, what you’re looking for is a way to get a fresh new perspective.


Author : Daniel Latto

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