I got ripped off by a handyman last week.

Yup, I got ripped off by a handyman last week.

New guy.

When I started checking up on his work he got all defensive, and then came the ‘how dare you’.

I told him where to go. He kept the paint I bought.

Yeah … devastating.

But I see so many business owners not take a chance on something that may ultimately

1) Save a shit load of time
2) Create some amazing videos and images and .pdf’s that website visitors can download
3) keeps them in front of their clients eyes on social media

But they don’t do it, because what if it doesn’t work.

What if they don’t like it.

What if it DOES work – what then – how would they scale the business.

Fear, fear, fear.

And it stops them from growing their business.

A life built on what if’s.

Just look at what we created for one client this month (on the £595 package)

Quick month update/summary

91 Images / 3 Videos / 5 Blogs including :

10 x Blog Images
1 x Infographic for blog
12 x —- —- Images
12 x —- —- images
12 x —- —- Images
12 x —- —- Images
12 x —- —- images
4 x Customer Feedback images
8 x Recruitment Images
8 x Motivational images
1 x PDF document
1 x Quarterly Newsletter
1 x Ebook/guide creation
1 x A5 Pricing Insert
1 x Welcome Pack
1 x Team Page Update
6 x Landing Pages
6 x eBook updates + changes
3 x Promo Offer Videos with Subscriptions
5 x Blogs Proof-read and Published.

Now that is one crazy arsed motherfucking month of content.

What do you think – think that helps a business get more clients ?

Now image doing ALL of that yourself !!

Lol, that’s literally a months worth of work for just one person.

And we did it all for £595.

Now – not every month is like that for sure – but this month was as they needed it.

Next month is likely to be quieter seeing as we got a load done for them.

Or … you could stay in fear.


Have You Signed Up For The Property Sourcing Compliance Training Day?

Property Sourcers…

Or those wanting to start generating an extra income from Property Sourcing – this is for you.

Many people people have been sourcing deals for years now, earning between £1,500 and £4,500 per property deal sourced.

But the ‘Rules of Engagement’ are constantly changing.

And the truth is, that unless you’re acting like an Estate Agent and have all the compliance in place, you’re actually acting breaking the law.

I know most of the big companies say there is ‘no compliance’, but they’re plane old wrong.

There is plenty of legislation out there. You are literally acting like an Estate Agent, so you MUST be compliant.

And this shouldn’t be an after thought ‘after my first deal’, being compliant should be the first step on your journey to becoming a Professional Property Sourcer.

And luckily, one of my clients, Tina Walsh runs a one day workshop where you can go and find out for yourself.

Even, better, it’s a ridiculous £57 cost.

Not only that, but you’ll also get a copy of Tinas Amazon #1 Bestselling Book included when you attend !

I know … amazing offer.

Click Here To Learn More

Look, being a Property Sourcer is a skill set that could pay you thousands of pounds every month for sourcing deals, it makes sense to do it properly, stay above the law so that you can CONTINUE to source great deals !

So save the date, and book your place.

Podcast 235 – How What We Do Affects Others Down The Chain

What we do in our present, will affect how we live our future, and the future of others.

What we do in our present, will affect how we live our future, and the future of others.

The words you use, the acts of kindness you give, they all have an effect both on yourself, and of course on others.

And when you can be the person that helps others, who in turn helps others, you can indirectly help people you've never seen or even knew existed.

Short podcast, but take a listen.

Podcast 231 – Commit Or Fail, It’s Your Choice

The decisions you made 10 years ago (yes, even the minor ones) are responsible for where you are today.

​The decisions you made 10 years ago (yes, even the minor ones) are responsible for where you are today.

And the choices that you are going to make today will affect where you end up in 10 or 15 years time.

So it's about time to take responsibility for those choices.

Take a listen.

Podcast 227 – Why Isn’t Your Picture On Your Business Card

So you go to a networking event and you come home and start running through the business cards.

So you go to a networking event and you come home and start running through the business cards.

There's only one problem, you can't match the face from a few hours (or a days!) earlier to the business card.


Because nobody has the picture on it !

Here's why you need to start putting your picture on your own business card.

Podcast 224 – Using Jetlag As A Productivity Tool

So I was asked to go to Los Angeles by a client at the last minute to help out with a marketing launch, to create content for them and to be on hand for best practice.

What I discovered while there about productivity and jetlag took me by surprise (and although this is meant to be a little bit funny, there are some great elements to it too!)

Podcast 220 – How to choose a Business Coach

How do you choose a Top UK Business Coach ?

There are just so many to choose from.

Heck, I even saw an advert on Facebook "Become a life coach for just £25", it becomes almost impossible to find out who are the good ones and who are the bad ones.

So, naturally, as a top UK Business Coach, I give my advice on this topic 😉

Podcast 219 – It’s Time To Stop Explaining Yourself To Those Who Don’t Understand

I’ll be honest, I get fed up of having to explain decisions, my wealth and where it came from, why I’m going to do something (or not doing something), or even explain my actions.

Enter your text here...It's just that

1) It's got nothing to do with anyone else

2) they may not understand it anyway in the CONTEXT of my own life

3) it's time consuming !

But sometimes it's hard not to listen to other peoples opinions, they're both so convincing, and so determined that their way of thinking is 'the truth', when actually, it's completely wrong.

So here's why I stopped explaining ...

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