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November 21, 2014

Time Management : I know that people really struggle with having enough time.

There always seems like too much to do, too many interruptions and so on.

Now I have a specific Time Management System that is truly amazing. But thats only available to my paying coaching clients (Yep – it’s that good, I charge for it) – you can sign up or an Introductory Coaching session here

However, there are some things that YOU can do almost immediately.

  1. Stop all interruptions : Make sure people understand when you want to be interrupted and when its not acceptable to interrupt you. If it’s work related, they can send you an email so that you can read when it’s the right time to do so – rather than walking over to your desk and interrupting what you’re doing.
  2. Compartmentalise your time into types of tasks. So for example, one of the things I do with my time – is that I have ‘helping others’ and ‘helping me’.

During a ‘helping others session’ I book in all my coaching sessions in – if I haven’t got any that day or i’ve done them, I sit and work on anything else that is geared towards helping others. This could be my Charity organisation The Lucia Project – Providing Backpacks to Homeless people or it could be researching information for my coaching clients. Either way – it’s designed to help someone else and my mental state is geared towards helping others, whatever that me be.

The ‘helping me’ is about me writing things like this post for example, or creating a Lead Magnet to drive people to my website and get email addresses and so on. It could be Video Creation, or just going to the gym – whatever it is, it’s about something that can help me.

The key here is to stay on track with what needs to be done, to ensure that your state of mind is all geared towards what you should be focussing on in order to get the results you desire.

So, start off by simply allocating all like minded things together.  So for example, I’ve done it with the ‘helping others’ or ‘helping me’ – and I find that works really well for me with my lifestyle.

Whatever you do, if you want to get more out of life, then sometimes it’s ok to ask for help, hence the Strategy  Session.

Speak soon,


Daniel Latto

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