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May 11, 2015

Thousands upon thousands of little kids having their future determined at the age of 11.

You know what I think ? Fuck that shit.

If you think an exam determines the quality of your life, you’re wrong.

All things being equal, good results help more than bad results. Having a degree is better than not having a degree for example.

But things are not ‘equal’ in this bizarre world of ours are they ?

They never have been, they never will be.

So if your kids to great, or they do terrible, remember to tell them that an exam does not determine the quality of their life, how wealthy they will be or if they’re ‘intelligent’ or not (Intelligence in this case is defined by the authorities as ‘being able to remember facts’ on a given day – life isnt like that).

I worry that if I had completed my degree (I dropped out after 6 months) that I would have been on the same track as everyone else.


I’m eternally grateful for not being on that track, and hope it inspires others that no matter what ‘educational results’ you get, it absolutely is not responsible for the quality of your life.

If you want to know what would help better, know these :

1. Have a plan : what do you want to do with your life. Where will you wake up, what will you do ?

2. How much does that plan cost : Once you know how much it costs each month to get that lifestyle you want, then you can work out how to earn it.

3. Now you know how much it will cost : Start investing in assets that create a monthly income that exceeds the cost of your lifestyle

4. Don’t give up, don’t get distracted, don’t listen to the ‘dream hoovers’ : People will tell you you’re wrong (Yep – even today I get told im wrong – i’ll go and contemplate that while i’m walking along the beach front with my feet in the water this Monday morning).

5. Inspire others to help them achieve what they want : Paying it forward is not only important but essential for your personal growth. It makes you feel good, it makes the people you know feel good, it helps people going through hell, and shows them that stuff can be turned around regardless of the hand they’ve been dealt.

So remind your kids to do their best, have fun, be freaking awesome and that whatever happens, its there is a lesson for them to learn that will help them be even more awesome than they already are, and that you are proud of them.

Good luck !

Author : Daniel Latto

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