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April 16, 2018

So on my way home from #BillionaireBootcamp – awesome, awesome, awesome – I still feel a little fuzzy from all the mindset work we’ve done.

It’s one thing to be taught by one of the best, and then it’s another thing to have the NLP/Hypnotic Language Patterns implemented by one of the best.
Lots of focussed work to do in the coming weeks putting various resources in place.
And looking forward to the rest of 2018.
Oh – and if you want to come to the Villa for 2 days work with me – drop me a PM.
This is for those who want one on one mindset shifts from an NLP Master Practitioner who also happens to be a Proerty Millionaire and kick ass coach.
It’s not for everyone, and my style certainly isn’t for everyone – but if you want to map out your 2018 and get the most from it – then drop me a PM.
This is one to one work – not group stuff and we deep dive into your own ‘stuff’, get rid of it, and insert all the good funky stuff you want to do instead.
Look, we all need a reset from time to time, and if you’re hanging out with the usual crowd, then you’re not gong to get that different perspective.
So drop me a PM or complete the form on my website – nice and easy !



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