Discover how to get 30 x Images, 10 x videos, all your website Content, search engine optimisation, landing pages, facebook ads and social media content sent out Each Month.
All for one low monthly fee.

Your goal should be to DRIVE So Much TRAFFIC To Your CONTENT On Your Website That Your Competitors Can't Compete.   That Way You Can Close More Business.

Allow us to do the heavy lifting for you.

NOTICE : Price Change Imminent!

Due to growth, we're having to put our pricing up from £250 per month to £400 per month.


Traffic & Content: The Lifeblood Of Your Business

  • 1
    Drown Your Competitor Out With Targeted Content
    Putting out Videos, Podcasts, Images and Content is like putting out adverts.  Why put out just one advert when you can put out as many as you want.  These are your social media channels, but JUST putting out adverts won't work.  You have to warm up your audience to suit your and your business personality.
  • 2
    Become An Authority In Your Field 
     When you begin to put out content, you become known in your industry and outside of your industry.  You can display your expertise using multiple messages on multiple formats and become and the 'go to' person in your field
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    Build KLT Your (Know, Like & Trust) Factor
    Before you can become an authority in your field, people have to KNOW who you are.  So raising awareness and your reach is vital.  Then, people need to Like you, so decide how best to do that, and eventually you will build the trust that can enable the sales process.
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    Drive as MUCH traffic as you like to your sales funnels using Facebook Ads.
    Facebook is just one of the traffic sources that we use, but it's a great way to start driving instant traffic back to your website.  We do all your campaigns for you, so there is ZERO TECHNICAL knowledge required.
  • 5
    Begin the Interactions With Your Brand And More Importantly, Your Sales Funnel
    Before any of this takes place of course, you need to ensure your sales funnel is in place, to take advantage of moving people into your sales funnel.  If you haven't got a sales funnel you won't get a good return on investment. Sales funnels are what we do. So speak to us before starting any marketing on social media.

Let's Face It, You're Not REALLY Interested In Instagram, Facebook Advertising, LinkedIn posts YouTube and Twitter.

You Just Want More Leads From Your Website So You Can Close Them!  Right?

So why not leave the technical stuff and all that heavy lifting to us while you close the leads that we generate from all the traffic we create for you.

JUst look at what you get !

Video Marketing

Video is great for showing potential clients your business's personality. People buy from people, not businesses, and a video shows a little bit of the 'behind the scenes' that clients love! You provide the video and we'll make it look awesome, OR we'll create small 30 second videos for you.

Podcast Marketing

Getting your message out there to get FOUND on iTunes is important, just as much as showing how much of an expert you really are.  People fall in love with your personality (even if you haven't got one!) and will keep on listening.  We'll take your video and pull the audio out and turn it into a podcast for you! (We have a set automated process for this, which is frankly, awesome !)

Image Marketing

It's a small but important part. Keeping your business in the minds eye of your potential client. Imagine getting 30 images a month, all about your product or service created, ready for sending out to your social media accounts.

Social Media Distribution

Every single post (every day) should be sent out on ALL of your Social Media channels.  

We do this for you, including videos, podcasts (and replays of course), and all the images we create for you.

Facebook Retargetting

70% of your website visitors will NEVER, EVER return. We can fix that with a re-marketing campaign. We can even just market to people who land on a specific page on your website!

Google Adwords

Get to the top of the Google Rankings Immediately with Google Adwords. A good start up marketing campaign until your SEO kicks in

Search Engine Optimisation

Link building, content building and ensuring your website is fully optimised is really important. Our reports include

- Broken Link Report

- Inbound Links Report

- Ranking Keyword Report

Month end reports

We'll show you what we've done, and how much more traffic you're getting from the work we've put in.

We'll include Ranking Reports, Broken Link Reports, what we've done and what we're going to do !

Landing Pages

Come up with a new idea? You'll need a professional looking landing page for that. We'll create it for you !

Paypal Integration

Connect your landing pages with Paypal and you can start taking online orders immediately.

Email Sequences

When a user subscribes, we want to warm them up with a sequence of emails.  If you haven't got these, we'll create them for you !

Website Updates

We all need things updating on our website every so often - why should this cost so much money all the time? Let us know, we'll update it for you!

Website Backups

Worth £75 a year and included in the price, we'll backup your Wordpress website.  If you have ever had a website go down, you'll know how important it is to have access to a backup!

2 x 750 word articles

Producing content is key, but time consuming.  That's why we produce 2 x 750 word articles for you every month,  Written by a UK based Native English Copywriter.

Best of all, We do ALL OF THIS you for one all inclusive price!

Chris Howard  

"Such a God Send (and you can quote me on that!)"

Thanks once again Dan for helping with the landing pages and website updates.

"I think it is great value as it includes everything"

as all the stuff is related it makes sense to have one team rather than emailing different people/companies to do website, then scheduling and so on

Jo Fox - Invest Leeds

1. Video Marketing (INCLUDED)

We have our full time video editor on board, who is sat ready to download your Facebook LIVES and get them edited, or to edit any footage you take, along with short video creation such as the ones on this page.

We love editing video for our clients!

And it's all INCLUDED as part of your monthly fee !

Haven't Got any video? We'll make some for you!

2. Image Creation (Included)

Example Images - 3o of these every single month !

3. Content Creation (Included)

The written word is vital in todays world.  Both for your website, for articles, for guest posting and for SEO Purposes.

So we create articles each month for you that are well researched and well written by an English speaking copywriter.

It's all included in your subscription !

4. Search Engine Optimisation (Included)

Getting your website ranked on Google is vital in the 21st Century.

Long Form Content

The more long form content you have, the greater the chance of getting onto Google.   We'll provide  long form articles each month (750 words each) and that will be keyword optimised to increase your probability of getting up the rankings.


In the olden days, we just used to get as many links as possible  Google thinks that's 'spammy' now, so we can't do it in such a way.  So we use a method that has been successful for us in the past to get a steady amount of backlinks heading back to your website.

5. Social Media Distribution (Included)

The key is to drive as much traffic back to your website, where you should have the ability both to ask for an email address (We use a landing page for this), and to place a Facebook Pixel on your site so that we can retarget people on your site and advertise to them.

All of this starts when we create some content, and we share it via Social Media to drive that traffic back to your website.

So we'll upload everything we do to your Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

6. Facebook Retargeting (Included)

Step one is to place the Facebook Pixel on your site,

Step two then is to start to run adverts to people who have visited either your site, or who have visited specific pages so that we can show them an advert to get them back on your website hopefully to make the sale.

The benefit of a retargeted advert is that it's already a 'warm lead' and the cost per click is generally much lower.

7. Google Adwords (Included)

It can take a while for your Search Engine Optimisation to kick in, so while we're waiting for that, we can use Google Adwords.

This is where someone searches on google for whatever it is you do, and you come up as an advert at the top of google results.  You will have seen it before (if not run a search on Google!) - it's simple to get you there, but can be costly per click if you don;t know what you're doing !

So we do it for you - all included !

8. Landing Pages (Included)

A landing page is a page on your website thats designed to do just one thing 

1. Get them to buy something (like a sales page)


2. Get them to opt in to something.

A great example would be a webinar, an event, a product page, even an article that pushes someone to opting in for something like a Free Download, or a Strategy Session, or similar.

Again, we do these for you, and it's all included in your subscription.

9. Updates To Your Website (Included)

Keeping your website upto date is vital for a number of reasons :

1. Your visitors will know instantly if your website is out of date.  It will look old, and won't have any recent content on it.

2. Google will simply slow down the number of times it visits your site to index it if it's not being update regularly enough.  We want Google to keep visiting of course, as the more it visits, the greater the chance of getting your website moving up the search engine rankings.

3. You may have product or service updates, or new staff starting that you want to display on your site.

We'll do your updates for you so you don't need to.  Again, all this is included !

10. Email Follow Up Sequence (Included)

Once you have people who have signed up for something of yours, you need to 'warm' up clients so they become more familiar with you, and you can build the KLT (Know, Like and Trust) Factor.

We'll help create your emails and organise them to be scheduled accordingly.

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At the very least, you're going to get real clarity about where you currently are with your marketing

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About The Author


I had moved to Spain, could no longer speak on stage due to the sheer amount of effort just to get to the UK (Flying, Hotels, Time), etc.

So I had to find a new way of getting my message out.  And that was by using Social Media.

Now I've had over 230,000 YouTube Views, tens of thousands of downloads on my podcasts with ZERO networking, no more public speaking, no more travelling to meet people and lots of leads being generated on autopilot.

At first it was hard as I was just like you are now, unsure how to grow my business in the digital landscape in a way that worked.

Of course, nowadays, I wouldn't change a thing - but those days at the start were difficult.

But why spend an hour getting to an event, and hour on stage and an hour coming home when in those 3 hours I could create Videos, Podcasts and Content that I could showcase for the whole week.

Not only that, but when I'd created the content - it was there for ever.

Create once. Distribute multiple times on multiple platforms in multiple formats.

The problem is most business not only don't have the time, but they also haven't a clue about how they will be reaching their potential customers digitally.

So that's where we come in.

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