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Our Digital Marketing Packages

Ready to get started ?  Best way is to schedule a call with me us we can advise you of the best route for you to take.

Content Marketing

If you're ready to start getting consistent with your content, then this package is the one to get started with.

Facebook Ads

If you're ready to move straight onto Facebook Advertising, then our team, of experts are standing by and ready to help you grow your business.

This is what makes us different

  • Speed.  When we first start working with a client, we go immediately into content creation, not 6 weeks of strategy to make just one single piece of content.
  • Volume.  We also create a whole range of content from videos to images in a variety of styles.  We want to see what works best for your business early on, not 6 months in.
  • Visibility.  Our clients stay with us month after month because they can see the consistent visibility they now have in their marketplace.
Digital Marketing Leeds

Let's Face It, You're Not REALLY Interested In Instagram, Facebook Advertising, LinkedIn posts YouTube and Twitter.
You Just Want More Awareness, engagement and leads From Your Website So You Can Close Them!  Right?

Digital Marketing Leeds

From one of our clients who started up with us

So why not leave the technical stuff and all that heavy lifting to us while you close the leads that we generate from all the traffic we create for you.

Digital Marketing Leeds

Choose what you need with Your 
Content Creation System

Monthly Strategy Calls

Social Media Agency Leeds

Strategy Call

A Coaching & Strategy call with your content co-ordinator means that you get one or two 20 minute phone calls per month to discuss best marketing practices, work out what content needs to be created, help you decide which strategy to attack first. They are your first point of call and are trained to help you get the most out of your subscription.

Digital Media Agency Leeds

Distribute everything on social media

You should be posting as often as possible on Social Media - the trick is to remain consistent and schedule ahead. 

But, seriously who has the time for that?    

WE DO.  

Everything we create gets scheduled using our own software on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and more !

Digital Media Agency Leeds

End of month reports included as standard

We'll show you what we've done, and how much more traffic you're getting from the work we've put in.

We'll include Search Engine Ranking and Social Media Reports.

Plus you can order any of the following

Digital Marketing Leeds

Image Creation 

Images can help you stay in your potential clients mind.

The idea is that regularly seeing your fresh new images will show that you're here to stay.

Imagine getting lots of images each month, all about your product or service created, ready for sending out to your social media accounts. We do it all for you.

Digital Media Agency Leeds

Video Creation 

Video is great for showing potential clients your business's personality.

People buy from people, not businesses, and a video shows a little bit of the 'behind the scenes' that clients love! You provide the video and we'll make it look awesome, OR we'll create small 30 second videos for you.

This includes 10 videos per month from 30 seconds upto 2 minutes long - extra video work can be undertaken on an ad hoc basis with pricing discussed and agreed beforehand

Social Media Agency Leeds

Podcasts - Convert videos into podcasts 

We love videos, but you cant watch them whilst driving, jogging or on the Tube.  So we can convert your videos to podcasts so that people can take your content with them. People fall in love with your personality (even if you feel like haven't got one!) and will keep on listening.  We'll take your video and pull the audio out and turn it into a podcast for you! 

SEO Leeds

Search Engine Optimisation 

We have a team of SEO experts waiting to get you up the search engine rankings.

Getting onto Page 1 of Google is important, and it can take a while so it's an investment into your future, but while we create lots of content for you, we'll also work on getting your site up the search engine rankings!

Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising

Everybody wants Facebook Ads.  Nobody wants to spend the money!

Most companies have tried it, and failed, but that's because they've done it themselves.

It's like heart surgery, you can do it yourself but we wouldn't recommend it !

You want an expert on it.  A TEAM with years of experience.  That's us.

Digital Marketing Leeds

Website  Updates & Landing Pages

Need your website updating?

Need more content with landing pages and downloadble .pdf's ?

Not a problem, we can include this for you!

What Do our clients say?

Digital Media Agency Leeds
Digital Media Agency Leeds
Social Media Agency Leeds

Chris Howard  

"Grateful for all the work you've done"

Thanks once again Dan for helping with the landing pages and website updates.

Social Media Agency Leeds

We prefer to talk before you sign up
Before we take on a new client, i like to speak to them personally to make sure it's a right fit for us both.

Social Media Agency Leeds

Let's Talk.

I'm interested in what your plan is, for reaching people Digitally.

So let's have a conversation around what your plan is for reach people digitally (online, on Facebook on your website, via email, etc)

It will last for around 45 minutes, and you will leave knowing exactly what you need to do to implement a Digital Marketing Strategy that works. 

You can then decide as to whether you want any help or not with it as we can do it all for you, or you can choose to spend the time yourself doing it.

At the very least, you're going to get real clarity about where you currently are with your marketing

Just Complete The Form, Book Your Time And Let's Speak - It's Free!


A couple of years ago I moved to Spain, which was, as I'm sure you can imagine, a wonderful chance to live our days in the Sun, swimming in the pool and heading to the beach at the bottom of our street.  It was everything I had hoped for.

Except, my coaching business took a hit because I was no longer speaking on stage, attending networking events and generally being see everywhere like I used to.

So I had to find a new way of getting my message out on a consistent basis

And the new way I discovered to start getting myself in front of even more people was by creating content and sharing it on social media.

Pretty obvious right?

But actually implementing it correctly, and the sheer amount of time it took me was huge.

So I decided to build a team to help me do it.

In fact, that team has been such a success that these days I have over a Quarter Million YouTube Views, tens of thousands of downloads on my podcasts, and sales leads coming into my business with LESS work than ever before.

And the other great thing, instead of doing a networking event once, and it being lost in time, every single piece of content I create now can get RE-USED and RE-PURPOSED again and again.  

So I'm never out of content to share.

But it made perfect sense, why spend an hour getting to an event, and hour on stage and an hour coming home when in those 3 hours I could create Videos, Podcasts and Content that I could showcase for the whole week.

Not only that, but when I'd created the content - it was there forever.

Of course, at first it was hard as I was unsure how to grow my business in the digital landscape in a way that worked.  That learning curve was steep, full of technical jargon that I had to learn, and best practices in order to not only create a tonne of content, but also to distribute it.

But learn it we did, and now we create once and distribute at multiple times on multiple platforms in multiple formats.

The problem right now for most businesses is that they simply haven;t the time, the technical n=knowledge and especially the desire to build a Content Creation System.

Why Not Use Us To Create Your Content On A Consistent Basis

Case Study Client #1

Example 1 - over a 12 months period

  1. Traffic  from Social Media increased by 201%
  2. Traffic from other websites increased by 252%
  3. Traffic increased from Search Engines by 152%
Social Media Agency Leeds

Case Study Client #2

Example 1 - over a 12 months period

  1. Traffic from Social Mediaincreased by 131% 
  2. Traffic from other websites increased by 282%
  3. Traffic increased from Search Engines by 685% !!!
Digital Media Agency Leeds
Social Media Agency Leeds
Digital Media Agency Leeds

Don't be left behind - speak to us today.  We'll create all your content and distribute it all for you

Did you Know : On average, British folks Check Their Phones more than 10,000 times a year !
So You need to be producing content so they SEE You.

(Social Media Agency Leeds)

Social Media Agency Leeds

Social Media Agency Leeds
Social Media Agency Leeds
Social Media Agency Leeds
Social Media Agency Leeds

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Social Media Agency Leeds

As a Social Media Agency Leeds, we're available to help growing businesses develop their presence online.  In the old days (just a few short years ago!), you only needed a website.  Now of course, you need a website, a Facebook presence, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and you're expected to be an expert at everything.

But who has all that time available to spend creating content, and then scheduling it out across the social media platforms?

And thats where the Social Media Agency Leeds comes in.  We can do it all for you.

What to expect from a Social Media Agency Leeds

First up, with our Digital Marketing Agency, what we do is have a conversation with you to find out exactly what it is you need.  We normally do that in our strategy session, and then once you're all signed up, pass you over to our very experienced content co-ordinators who can walk you through the process.

You're in very good hands !

Once we know exactly what you're looking for, we'll send that information to our website designers, image creators and video editors to create the content for you.

To begin with, there may be some forwards and backwards as we get the look and feel correct right for you and your brand, after that it becomes a really smooth process when we acclimatise to what it is you're after.

Social Media Agency Leeds

Are we the best Social Media Agency Leeds ?

I mean, that's a difficult question to answer, as there are so many good Social Media Agencies in Leeds.

That said, I do have a firm belief that our products and services COMBINED with our amazing pricing makes us one of the best value for money social media agencies in Leeds.

When we take on board a new social media agency client, we normally take them on a 6 month contract, and 98% of our customers come back to us and sign up for a 2nd contract.

98% of our customers return and sign up another contract

That's an amazing statistic, and clearly shows that we're doing something right with our Social Media Agency Leeds.