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So, as I live in Spain and fly back to the UK to regularly see my 2 children (an awful separation, 27 times in Family court – yep – I was THAT guy you read about in the newspapers fighting for access)

Anyway – I love coming up with new novel ways for me and the kids to have fun, build my relationships with my 2 young girls and teach them something about life.

Last weekend was no exception, and we decided to make a film.

Esmee (Age 6) wrote it, created a storyboard, drew the pictures, wrote the script, and then we went to Temple Newsam in Leeds to film it.

It was lots of fun, great learning and an awesome way for us to try new stuff and discover things together.

This week I’ve put all the filming together and found music to add to it (along with one special effect!)

I hope you like the finished product – and more than that, I hope it inspires you to do something out of the ordinary this weekend.

As ever, the conversation takes place at https://www.daniellatto.co.uk

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