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If you're looking for an experienced SEO Bradford Agency, then you're in the right place.

Search Engine Optimisation is a great long term investment in the success of your business.  Our SEO Bradford Agency can help you improve your results, and this is what you'll receive...

  • End of Month Reports
  • Easily found on Google
  • Consistent Online Presence
  • Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy
  • Improved Brand Visibility and Credibility
  • Targeted and Qualified Leads
  • Continuous Promotion
  • Insights and Analytics

Working on Your SEO Bradford results can benefit your business over the long term.

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SEO Bradford

Boost Your Business with a SEO Bradford Agency that knows how to rank sites.

Elevate Your Business with a Bradford SEO Agency Specialising in Effective Site Ranking

As a business owner in Bradford, UK, seeking to elevate your enterprise and draw in more customers, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is pivotal in achieving unparalleled digital success. Amidst a digital landscape featuring over a billion websites, standing out on Google is a challenging task. Nevertheless, our expert SEO services, customised for Bradford businesses, empower you to surpass competitors and attain prominent Google search rankings.

What Distinguishes Our SEO Bradford Consultants?

Local Specialisation: Our team excels in elevating local Bradford businesses in search rankings. We possess deep insights into the distinctive challenges and opportunities within the region, leveraging this knowledge for your benefit. Whether you manage an online store or a physical shop, our SEO tactics ensure your business’s visibility to potential customers across Bradford.

Transparent and Genuine Partnership: We are committed to fostering long-lasting, trust-based partnerships. We offer candid, clear guidance, establishing realistic expectations for your SEO journey. Our seasoned campaign managers will collaborate closely with you, offering consistent updates and meetings, keeping you well-informed about your campaign's progress and outcomes.

Google Business Profile Enhancement: Integral to our extensive SEO service is the optimisation of your Google Business Profile, boosting your online presence and drawing more local clientele. With a population exceeding 500,000 in Bradford, the potential for your business’s growth is substantial.

Proven Success: Our SEO endeavours have significantly benefitted a multitude of businesses, both large and small, in Bradford and beyond. Established in 2004 and as certified Google Partners, our expertise and experience are your assets in augmenting your brand’s visibility.

Customised Strategy: Rejecting a generic approach, we begin each SEO campaign with thorough research and analysis, crafting the most effective strategy for your specific business objectives. Our services span from SEO audits and optimisation to link building and content creation.

The Essentiality of SEO for Bradford Business Owners

SEO transcends being merely a marketing tactic; it is essential for your business's vitality. Given that 93% of online experiences begin with a Google search, a robust SEO strategy is crucial for visibility to prospective customers. Ranking on Google’s first page not only elevates your popularity and trust but also establishes you as an industry leader.

Investing in our Bradford SEO services guarantees your website’s high ranking on Google, attracting targeted enquiries from potential customers. SEO offers an exceptional return on investment, yielding enduring benefits that will serve your business for years ahead.

SEO Bradford | SEO Agency Bradford

The potential of SEO for your Bradford Based Business is massive.

With SEO Bradford, you're not merely investing in a marketing strategy; you're safeguarding the future of your business. In the current competitive arena, only those businesses with a robust online presence and an efficacious marketing approach will flourish.

Reach out to us today to arrange a complimentary consultation and explore how our specialist SEO services can revolutionise your business in Bradford. Together, we can unleash your brand's true potential and soar to new heights in the digital arena.

We've Been Trusted By Hundreds Of Clients past and present...

8 Reasons To Choose Us To Help With Your Search Engine Optimisation

Increased Organic Traffic

SEO helps improve your website's visibility on search engine results pages, leading to increased organic traffic. By ranking higher for relevant keywords, you attract more potential customers who are actively searching for products or services like yours.

Targeted and Qualified Leads from Bradford SEO

SEO brings in highly targeted and qualified leads. Users who find your website through search engines are more likely to be interested in your offerings, making them warm leads with a higher potential for conversion.

Enhanced User Experience

SEO focuses on optimizing your website's structure and content to provide a better user experience. A user-friendly website with easy navigation and relevant information keeps visitors engaged, reducing bounce rates and increasing the chances of conversions.

Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy with Bradford SEO

Compared to traditional advertising, SEO offers a cost-effective marketing strategy with a higher return on investment (ROI). Once your website ranks well, the traffic it receives is essentially free, making SEO a long-term and sustainable marketing approach.

Continuous Promotion

Unlike paid advertising that stops once the budget is exhausted, SEO provides continuous promotion. Well-optimized content and keywords keep working 24/7, attracting customers even when you're not actively promoting your business.

Improved Brand Visibility and Credibility

Local SEO optimization helps attract customers in your geographic area. If you have a physical store or offer services locally, SEO ensures that potential customers can find your business when searching for local products or services.

Local Business Growth in Bradford

Ranking higher on search engines establishes your brand's credibility and authority in your industry. Users tend to trust websites that appear on the first page of search results, increasing the perceived trustworthiness of your brand.

Insights and Analytics

SEO provides valuable insights and analytics about your website's performance. You can track important metrics like organic traffic, keyword rankings, and user behavior, which helps you make data-driven decisions to improve your website's performance.

Not just SEO Bradford, but we can do all of this for you too...

  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Facebook Ad Setup And Management
  • Complete Marketing Funnel Designed & Implemented
  • Your Own Marketing Manager In Place
  • Videos & Image Content Created
  • All Scheduled A Month In Advance
  • Artwork, Logos, Banners All Included
  • Leaflets, Brochures Designed If Required



Ease of Use

Value for money

Marketing is the continuous messaging of brand values, products or service to both existing and new potential customers.  It takes place over multiple platforms including Social Media, Google Ads, Videos, Images Leaflets, Email Marketing, Web Site Design, Brochures, Facebook Ads,  Marketing Funnels, Following Up and Outreach For Sales.

Daniel Latto, Owner

Grow Your Business – Drive More Leads and Sales

SEO Bradford
SEO Bradford
Bradford SEO Agency
SEO Bradford
Bradford SEO Agency

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Leeds Digital Marketing Agency | SEO Leeds | Web Design Leeds

Social Media Content is there to continually display your products and services, hint and tips, to build credibility over a period of time so that when people need your product or service, they know where to go.

Leeds Digital Marketing Agency | SEO Leeds | Web Design Leeds

Our market leading Facebook Ads Campaigns can help you drive more TARGETTED traffic than ever before. Schedule a call and find out how we can help you do the same.

Leeds Digital Marketing Agency | SEO Leeds | Web Design Leeds

Grab yourself a great looking website, and we'll even include a domain name and 12 months Free SuperFast Hosting for you.  Take a look.

Leeds Digital Marketing Agency | SEO Leeds | Web Design Leeds

Get your website ranking higher on Google with our tailor Mde SEO Solution  Take a look.

SEO Bradford
SEO Bradford
SEO Bradford
Bradford SEO Agency

Why do our clients keep choosing us time and time again ?

A Proven Track Record:

We've been providing Website Design, Content Marketing and Online Advertising services since 2012.  We take on new clients each and every month, and often they'll be repeat customers who stay with us because we get results.


Our aim was always to be able to provide all services under one roof.  So we can create the website and landing pages, the downloadable give away, the content to drive traffic to it and the paid traffic to scale it up and the follow up email sequence to mop up the rest.  All of it in house.

Effective Monthly Reporting:

We like you to know what work we've actually done each month, and also what the results of that work actually was.  So we create two reports each month for you, one showing what work we've done, and the other showing your improved results.


Because we've been in business since 2012, we've helped hundreds of clients get their website updated, improved their sales and marketing flow, and created more images and videos for clients than we can count.

Realistic Expectations:

Our honesty sometimes gets us into trouble, but we don't know any other way to operate.  There's no point in overpromising something where we're not sure we can deliver as it just leaves everyone upset.  We don't make stuff up in order to win business, we don't need to, as our results speak for themselves.

Value For Money:

There's no point in spending a huge amount of money every single month when you're not bringing it back in.  So our fees are incredibly reasonable for how much work we actually create each month.  We're not a one man band, we're a dedicated team of content experts helping clients grow their business.

Latest Content / Articles / Videos

Digital Marketing Agency Bradford

Get one of our Marketing Managers sat in your virtual team meetings, and we'll also provide a great team of Video Editors, Graphic Designers, Copy Writers, SEO Bradford Experts, Facebook Ad Experts, Content Creation & social media marketing experts.

Digital Marketing Agency Leeds | SEO Leeds | Web Design Leeds

Over 30+ Reviews

We are here to help you grow your business with professionally designed sales funnels.

These are just a few of our happy clients.

Our successful clients are the lifeblood of our business.  If we can't help you succeed, it means we don't succeed, so we want to make sure that we can help you grow your business and make it a success.

Let's work together on allowing your business it's best year yet

SEO Bradford | SEO Agency Bradford

We're Experts at building sales and marketing funnels

In order to convert more sales, your prospects need to know, like and trust you, and for that they need to be in your sales funnel so they not only get to know you actually exist but start to like and trust you over a period of time because they see your content regularly.

We design and build sales funnels that will increase the chances of people doing business with you and then create the social media content (images, video, podcasts and social media posts) that will drive traffic into your sales funnel.

Search Engine Optimisation Bradford
The Daniel Latto Podcast
Daniel Latto Podcast

About The Daniel Latto Digital Marketing Agency

Here at the Daniel Latto Digital Marketing Agency, we've been helping businesses for the past 20 years, through the creation of their Digital Marketing Campaigns, or Business Coaching, or through helping people get started on their property journey.

More recently, our focus has been on helping provide the tools for business owners to raise visibility in the market place and generate more leads .

Daniel Latto is from Leeds, and now lives on the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, in Spain.  He is also the producer of his #1 iTunes Rated podcast show "The Daniel Latto podcast" which is available for download on iTunes or Stitcher.

The Daniel Latto Digital Marketing Agency produces everything from Website Design, to SEO, To Facebook Ads and Social Media Content, right through to a Full Marketing Team.

Our relentless focus on helping our clients has meant that almost all of our business comes from repeat, subscription paying clients who value our sheer range of marketing that we can help them with and to help them grow their business.

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Social Media Marketing Agency Bradford

If you're looking for a Social Media / Digital Marketing Agency in Bradford, then we can help.

We create content for our clients throughout the UK including images, videos and written copy and then we schedule that content onto their social media platforms so that they can stay in front of their current and potential customers.

Or Do You Need SEO Bradford | SEO Agency Bradford | SEO Company Bradford?

If you're looking for a SEO Bradford | SEO Agency Bradford| SEO Company Bradfordtype services then we can help.

We can help you improve your search engine rankings, so that you drive more traffic to your website that can translate into more phone calls.

SEO in Bradford

 SEO Bradford

Bradford Digital Marketing Agency

As a Bradford Digital Marketing Agency, we're constantly creating new content for our clients.  But content with out the right Funnel in place is a waste of time and money.  So the one thing we always ask is ... where is the traffic going to on your website, and what is it you want your client to do first.  So many people get this wrong, and that's why their Bradford Digital Marketing campaigns fail.

We create content for our clients throughout the UK including images, videos and written copy and then we schedule that content onto their social media platforms so that they can stay in front of their current and potential customers.

Bradford Digital Marketing Agency

We've been helping clients in Bradford with their Digital Marketing Strategy for a number of years now, as well as people throughout the UK.  We're good at what we do, and you should probably book yourself in for a Strategy Session to come and speak to us to find out how we can help your business gain more clients.