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I ran an experiment last week and it was this.

Add 2,000 words to an article and get it ranked #1 on Google.

I was already #2 on page 2, but wanted #1 on page 1.

So I wrote 2,000 words, added video, outbound links, internal links, correct headings, and the right number of keywords etc.

So what happened ?

It went DOWN. Bloody hell 🙁

So I check again this morning – and you can see by the image – it went up 22 places straight into the #1 slot.

Getting to #1 on Google is no easy task, it takes time, dedication and knowledge – something that most busy business haven’t got when it comes to ranking.

If you want me to hep with yours, drop me a pm and lets have a chat about it.

Daniel Latto

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