Sales Training : Why most businesses get SALES TRAINING Wrong


Sales Training : Why most businesses get SALES TRAINING Wrong

Most businesses get Sales Training at the level of ”This is how you sell’.

Which is fine … but has a limit.

When we talk about improving a business from the bottom Sales Performers to the top Sales Performers in less than 2 hours, the one way in which we do this is through NOT providing TRAINING based on SKILLS.

Because at best, after 2 hours, the lowest performer improves slightly and then forgets, and the best performers already know the information anyway (thats why they’re the top performers).  So the result ends up being not just a waste of money and more importantly, it’s a waste of time – the one asset your business can’t create more of from existing staff.

But what if we could find a way to not only increase the performance at the bottom and, whilst improving the performance of the already great performers that know what they’re doing ?

Wouldn’t that be a useful investment of time and money ?

So how do we do it ?

Well, there are several levels where training can be provided as follows :

Sales Training - How to get better results
Sales Training – How to get better results

When you think about it, it’s obvious really. We have people with very little “talent” who seem to perform even though they don’t appear to know what they’re doing (we all know people like this) and then we have people who SHOULD be performing really well as they’re talented, but they’re not.

The problem for most Sales Managers of a Sales Team for example, is that the Sales Manager is simply interested in their ‘forcast’ rather than the well being of the individual.

In some companies of course, there are some excellent sales managers who DO have the best intentions and well being of the staff in place, but are unsure of how to help them proceed more as THEY haven’t received the appropriate training required. Most B2B training won’t cut it, because THEY ALSO don’t know how to do it. Here’s what Forbes said about great Sales Training Coaches.

It’s all ‘Business Training’ in their eyes, and it all comes under the same umbrella.

In my training however, we look at each one of these individually to see what we can do to get the best results.

Just 2 hours with your team, and I’ll personally show you what we do and how we do it.

For example, lets take a SKILLS based activity such as TIME MANAGEMENT – this one skill can utterly transform a team of people into a highly efficient and well oiled machine with everything under control, organised and most important of all, the tasks are identified and completed.  My Millionaire Time Management System is effective and easy to implement and doesn’t “take a lot of time

But we do more than just Time Management, as thats just an extra Capability / Skill, and as we’ve stated, that can only take you so far.

What about really looking under the ‘bonnet’ and see what’s going on ?

What about a Powerful Goal Setting System that makes you feel like you’re really there – imagine knowing not just what the goal is, but feeling how amazing it will feel to actually achieve it.

Or, why a personsLimiting Belief means that they don’t commit to the task at hand and seem to get left behind while some others perform well.

Or finding that ONE DECISION that has stopped your staff from performing well and they don’t even realise they’ve made this decision!

Give me 2 hours of yours and your staffs time, and lets see the difference 2 hours can make.

Contact me using the QUICK FORM on the right hand side of this page to find out more.

Sales Training can make a fundamental difference in your business, just a 1% increase from each member of staff increases your returns exponentially.

Lets talk about your Sales Training now.

Speak Soon,

Daniel Latto
Manchester Business Coach - Daniel Latto

Author : Daniel Latto

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Daniel Latto

Daniel Latto is the owner and Director of The Daniel Latto Group, a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency.

Daniel advises businesses on marketing on Social Media using both Paid and Organic content. His top rated iTunes Podcast; 'The Wealth Creation Show' has hundreds of thousands of listeners around the world.

Daniel originally became Financially Free through property, with a Multi Million Pound Property porftolfio in Leeds.

He now lives in Spain on the shores of the Mediterranean.

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