Business Retreat Spain

If you're looking for a Business Retreat Spain then come and Join me for 2 days in Benicassim, Valencia, Spain to work on making your business the best it's ever been...

Next Date :  Thursday 13th & Friday 14th June 2024

(With Pre-Drinks the Wednesday night!)

Business Retreat Spain
Business Retreat Spain
  • Business Retreat Spain : Nothing focusses the mind more than when you're out of your own environment, and in a beautiful location where you can really think and put strategy in place with a group of like minded people,

    Our next Business Retreat Spain is on Thursday 13th & Friday 14th June 2024 where you get to  come to the shores of the Mediterranean for an immersive 2 day business planning & coaching exclusively with me and the team. (And of course, the fun begins the Wednesday night looking over beach  with cocktails !)
  •  An Intense, business planning and strategy session designed to plan your business plan for the it's next phase of growth,
  • Create new Goals, new ideas and a strategy you'll be proud of in a glorious destination that's designed to increase your potential,
  • Network with Cocktails at the Beach Bar, surrounded by other Business Owners striving to be their best.

But more than that, it's about getting away, relaxing and removing some of those layers so that you're open to fresh ideas while having a cocktail on the beach at one of the local beach huts.


What Is The Strategy Planning Retreat?

Next Date :  Thursday 13th & Friday 14th June 2024

During our Strategy Planning Retreat events, we'll help you to identify where the business is currently, and the barriers that are preventing it from achieving the growth you need, and where both your focus and your actions need to go.

We'll deep dive into how the business works so that we can get some quick easy wins, and as other people share their businesses, you'll be able to pick up tips from others who are on the same journey.

You'll be with other attendees that adds to the variety and quality of your conversations.

Plus, we'll go through what the opportunities are one by one so you can implement them in your business immediately including ...

Time Management

I'll give you my Friday Night review Time Management System, and show you how to get an extra hour every single day.

Marketing Strategy

We'll work out your Marketing Strategy for the next 12 months and implement a plan of implementation.

Social Media Strategy

Part of that Marketing Strategy includes working out what content needs to be created for your social media marketing


I'm going to show you how to outsource much of the work, and show you some of the apps as use to help us do it too.

Sales Funnel Strategy

We'll also help you go through what your sales funnel needs to be to best close more clients.

Cashflow Forecasting

Being able to forecast future costs & revenues will allow you to grow the business faster.  I'll show you how I do this in my business.

Plus some of these ..

  • marketing problems
  • customer acquisition
  • Sales conversion problems
  • Staffing issues
  • Outsourcing headaches
  • Lack of digital marketing clarity
  • Unsure as to how to grow the business
  • Long term planning
  • Video Marketing

This is real life, real problem solving that helps people to solve problems in their business that will make a real impact in their lives and once the two days are up, you'll be eager to get home and implement them.

Last Years' Business Retreat Spain - REVIEW

Business Retreat Spain

You should sign up for the Strategy Planning Retreat if you want to ....

  • Improve Your Business Strategy for the next 12 months
  • Increase Your Marketing Strategy For the next 12 months
  • Calculate the resources you will need
  • Identify any obstacles in your path
  • Work out what systems are needed
  • Increase your activity enough that your income increase exponentially alongside it

Over the course of 2 days here in Spain, we'll get some easy wins for your business so you can implement those quickly, plus as we begin to deep dive more into your business, we'll help you build a stronger business for the longer term that doesn't rely on you having to do all the work.

One of the core principles that you can always improve upon are the Four Implementation Levels of your business.

This will give you a chance of earning the most amount of money whilst increasing the amount of time you take off from doing the actual physical work in your business, and is a vital component to business growth that many businesses just don't know about.

As we run through this process as part of a group, and you get to see how others implement, you can steal, pinch or borrow other peoples faster growth methods and implement in your own business.

Marketing Review Sessions

Our marketing review sessions covers what you have going on right now, and will give you some extra processes you can put in place to find regular new clients and a system for finding them.

At this stage, we'll also draw out the funnel of how the work SHOULD take place in your business and who should be doing it.  We can then work on where you'll be getting your traffic, what pages to send it to, and to what emails to send in what order to warm the client up so that we can lead them to a potential sale.  

All of this should be not only mapped out in your business, but implemented as quickly as possible, which is what will free you up out of your business, and then process becomes automated.  We'll also look at what resources you will need along the way to help you streamline your growth.

Together, we'll run through the only four areas of your business that need consideration to be truly successful.  Most people have no idea about these and end up working on whatever seems to come up first, rather than having a designed plan for each area that can be successfully implemented.

It's in this area where you'll pull together your to do list so that when you go home you have not only an action plan but a task list as well, but even more importantly, a task list that OTHER people will be implementing (not you).

Let's Enjoy The Lifestyle 

Other than providing food and shelter for your family, if you remember back, your business was supposed to be a way to financial freedom.  However for many business owners, they forgot along the way what that even feels like, and so we'll also have some fun along the way top demonstrate that taking time off, and doing the things you love can ENABLE your business to work even better.

So how about some beach bar drinks and some amazing sea front restaurants. All within walking distance from where we are.

Business Retreat Spain
Business Retreat Spain
Business Retreat Spain
Business Retreat Spain

The Location

We're located in a town called Benicassim.  It's a beautiful piece of the Mediterranea coastline boasting 12 kilometres of golden sandy beachs.  It's won numerous blue flag awards for cleanlineness.

We often work on the terrace at my private villa, but also often pop out and work at the local restaurant or down at the beach hut depending on the time of year, how many people we have here and what we're doing.

Here's the link to our recommended Hotel 

How Do You Get Here ?

Our nearest Airport is Valencia Aiport which is an hour away from where we are.

You can then get the train to Castellon which is 10km from your hotel, and a taxi to the hotel (a further 15 minutes).

More About Our Recommended Hotel

The Intur Orange (pictured), or Intur Bonaire which are directly next to each other, are just a 3 minute walk from the beach - book it directly with them, and book early to ensure they're not sold out.


We have some amazing restaurants along the sea front, and you can join us for dinner.

Partners / Extra Person

The price of £295 is per person.

What other costs are there ?

You'll need to book your flights, hotels and of course your food / drink when you get here.

So You'll just need

  • Flights Train to get To Spain (SUGGESTED ROUTES BELOW)
  • Train Castellon (We're then 12 km from Castellon Train Station) - Plan with Trainline
  • Food during the daytime

What have other peoples experiences been like ?

Business Retreat Spain Review #1


Darren came to our old villa, and wanted to create a strategy for a business that brings people out to places like Kilimanjaro, etc

Whenever I send him an email, he's always half way up a mountain these days.


Business Retreat Spain Review #2

Richard came over to review his growth over his Mortgage Savers company.  

Richard Ignatowicz of Mortgage Savers

Business Retreat Spain Review #3

Tina and Tony have been long term clients for a while, and wanted to grow their property sourcing compliance business.


Business Retreat Spain Review #4

Andrew came to the villa to put some meat on the bones of his business that he could take home and implement

Andrew Larigo

Is This Business Retreat Spain Right For You?

Who is this for

  • You may have just finished a training course and are ready to implement, but worried going back to your normal environment may prevent you from doing what needs to be done
  • You have a can do attitude, one where you're prepared to try, and give it your all.
  • You're committed to the process, that you're ready and open minded about some of the things have have prevented you getting the results you desire thus far
  • You're ready to grow the next stage of your life, and 100% committed to making it happen.
  • You're business is already generating money but working a lot of hours, or you have a great business idea and want to give it the best possible start.

Who is this not for

  • Tyre kickers, naysayers, 'done it before', 'that won't work' type of people. I only surround myself with those that want more and you should too.
  • The 'I'll give a go I suppose' type people - how about we give it a go and MAKE IT WORK - that works much better and we get far better results.
  • Those not prepared to be open minded about whats stopped you so far getting the results you want.
  • The 'know it alls' who aren't prepared to listen and try something new.